Make Disciples

Rocky Creek is a church committed to making disciples of all nations starting here in Greenville, SC.

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1801 Woodruff Rd Greenville, SC 29607

  • Sunday – Worship & Bible Study at 9:00 and 10:30 AM

  • (864) 288-1323

Current Series: Colossians

Deep roots. Mature growth. The Apostle Paul encouraged the Colossian Church to remain rooted in Christ and to display the fruits of discipleship. Join us for our 3-month study through this book as we consider what it means to be a growing disciple of Jesus.

New Sermons

Make the Most of Every Evangelistic Opportunity

Colossians 4:2-6 Make the Most of Every Evangelistic Opportunity Instead of waiting for unbelievers to come to the church, the church is meant to go to the unbelievers out in the world.  By making the most of every evangelistic opportunity, disciples engage in Kingdom work by the way they pray, walk, and talk. Pray for Opportunity (Col. 4:2-4) Be devoted to a spiritually alert prayer life. Instead of praying to get out of your circumstances, pray that God will use…

Disciples in the Workplace

Colossians 3:22-4:1 Disciples in the Workplace A disciple can never clock out of Kingdom work.  Even in the workplace, Christian bosses and workers must display a different level of intentionality and productivity for the sake of discipleship. Instructions for Employees (Col. 3:22) Since you claim to follow a faithful Savior, be a faithful worker. Four Types of Employees: Justified Rebel – Don’t use your faith as an excuse for a bad work ethic. Occasional Hard-Worker – Even when your work…

Disciples in the Home

Colossians 3:18-21 Disciples in the Home Authentic discipleship moves from the church and should eventually change the home.  Disciples obey God’s commands for how families are to treat one another particularly in the relationship between husband and wife and between parent and child. Submissive Wives (Col. 3:18) Since men need significance, God calls wives to submit to their husbands. If a husband finds significance in his wife, he doesn’t have to look for it anywhere else. A submissive wife loves…

Important News

Here are some Rocky Creek ministry highlights that you need to know about.


AAEO Prayer Focus #2

PRACTICAL APPROACH TAYLOR & SUSAN FIELD NEW YORK, NEW YORK “ONLY 4% OF NEW YORKERS IDENTIFY AS EVANGELICAL.” TAYLOR AND SUSAN FIELD Graffiti Church 205 E. 7th Street NY, NY 10009 At Graffiti Church in New York’s Lower East Side, the motto is: “From small things come great things.” “Jesus started by meeting needs first,” says Graffiti’s Taylor Field, a Send Relief® missionary. “His compassion grew people’s faith, and then He built the church on that faith.” Taylor calls it…

Overcoming Temptation

A critical element in discipleship is training someone how to overcome temptation.  While everyone is tempted, particular people are more prone to certain temptations than others. In order to overcome temptation, let’s identify Satan’s strategy, Jesus’ success, and our steps needed to succeed. Download Handout – PD 11 – Overcoming Temptation Satan’s Strategy Satan’s strategy is first seen in Genesis 3, and he doesn’t need to modify his steps since it continues to work. Initiation – Satan proactively approaches us to…

We’re Adding Another Service [En Español]

We are excited to announce that we need to add another service at Rocky Creek Church – [En Español]! While Rocky Creek opened up their doors in the past for other churches to use our facilities, we are now opening up the family.  We are now a church with 3 services – 2 in English and 1 in Spanish!  We will give you more details in the weeks to come, but we are excited to continue following Jesus to reach this…