July 2-9 Missions Prayer List

July 2-9 Missions Prayer List

This week, July 2-9 we would like for you to pray for these two Mission Partners.

You can download the whole July Missions Prayer Newsletter here:
MPN July 2017

Berkeley Gomez – Campus Outreach, San Diego – berkeley.bagwell@gmail.com


  • Pray that the 34 students in the Leadership Project would get the hours they need at their jobs so they can pay their bills. A few students have not gotten many hours and are lacking in their financial support.
  • Pray for the 6 Disciple Leaders and 3 Team Leaders who will be leading the Leadership Project over the next 2 weeks. The staff will be gone, so ask God to give these leaders a sense of unity.
  • Please pray that Mallory (see story below) would go all in with Jesus and surrender her life to our trustworthy God before the Leadership Project ends and she goes back home for the rest of the summer.
  • Thank you for those of you who financially helped one of the students from Point Loma named Sara. She is fully funded and is working hard to pay the rest of her Leadership Project expenses. She’s having an incredible summer and growing so much!

God Story:

  • One freshman at Point Loma that I’ve been meeting up with this past year, Mallory, is on the Leadership Project this summer even though she’s not yet a Christian. She is learning and growing so much and is so close to accepting Christ! Below is part of the update she sent to family and friends a couple weeks ago: It’s the third week into Leadership Project and I’m already amazed at how God is moving in my life. I am surrounded by a genuine, loving community of people, who have supported me through this growing process. These first few weeks have consisted of some of the most meaningful and impactful conversations I have ever had, and I have learned more about God and the Good Life He offers us than I could have ever anticipated. There have been some rough moments, but I believe that those were the moments that grew me the most. Spending time in Scripture and unpacking The Gospel with these people has helped so much with my understanding of a life with Christ.  Praise Jesus for how He is working in the lives of these 34 students like He is in Mallory’s life!

Students at Leadership Project spending time in God’s Word. 


Rebecca C. – Teacher at International School in Central Asia – ra.carino@gmail.com


  • Praise God for the school year ending well.
  • That my time in the States this summer would be good and refreshing and filled with lots of fun, quality time reconnecting with family and friends here.
  • That I would get everything I need done so that I can return overseas in late August in time for the next school year.
  • That my school would find individuals to fill the last three open positions before school resumes.

Important Dates:

  • July 10-15 – have a company conference in Virginia



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