July 16 – 22 Missions Prayer List

July 16 – 22 Missions Prayer List

This week, July 16-22 we would like for you to pray for these two Mission Partners.

You can download the whole July Missions Prayer Newsletter here:
MPN July 2017

Kristi Giddens – Joyful Ornaments, Greenville, SC – kristigiddens@lctllc.com


  • In June we had an opportunity to give a baby shower for our new friend and volunteer. What a praise that God is growing this ministry and women are serving together and sharing Christ with others.
  • Please pray for our leadership team as we meet for our 20/20 vision planning meeting in July and prepare for this season through 2020.

Skeeter Powell – David’s Table, Greenville, SC – skeeter.powell@gmail.com


  • Pray for Ally, our 68 pound ball of fire, who gave her life to Christ at camp last week at Carolina Point. Please pray for her as she begins her walk that she will discover how much God loves her and wants to be at the center of her life.
  • Sometimes we have to depend on the Holy Spirit to know what some of our friends understand and can express.  Please pray for our understanding as we trust the Holy Spirit’s work in Nacho and David’s mind, heart and life.
  • There are 13,000 K-12th grade students who are resourced (could be deaf, blind, autism, ADD, etc). Pray for harvesters who will reach out to these lovely people AND their families.

Important Dates:

  • July 9-15 we go back to Carolina Point for another week of camp with a different group of leaders, buddies and kids. Pray for the kids to be able to hear and understand the Gospel.
  • Most Monday evenings during the summer we have a Bible study for our friends
  • Most Thursdays we play tennis and then have lunch at the mall

God Story:

  • I met with an associate pastor for breakfast while he shared about his 14-year-old son. They have recently received a diagnosis (after 3 years) of an auto-immune problem.  During those years, they worried about losing their son, they prayed – a lot, they yelled at God to “Make it Stop”.  There was a lot of worry, fear, concern and love for their son.  Now their son’s issues include an inability to swallow – so a feeding tube has been put in place, and a body that doesn’t work from the belly button down – but they now have a wheelchair to help.  I think the God Story is in a family that can trust God and speak frankly with God believing that God is still in control.

Carolina Camp 2017


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