Church Planting in the Upstate

Church Planting in the Upstate

Reconcile Community Church reaching into West Greenville, SC

Several years ago the North American Mission Board decided to channel its funds for church planting into several of the most spiritually lost areas where there were decidedly too few churches to be able to make an impact.  These are called SEND Cities, and Rocky Creek is currently participating with two SEND City Church Plants in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

However, here in South Carolina, even though there are many churches around, there are still far too many people that are not being reached by any of those churches.  Therefore, the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the various Baptist Associations in South Carolina are trying to target some of those under-reached areas and are seeking to plant churches there. One of those areas is in the West Greenville area.

Will Broadus is the pastor of Reconcile Community Church which currently meets at Welcome Baptist Church in their fellowship hall.  They are seeking to spread the message of reconciliation to our friends, neighbors, communities, and beyond so that all people can experience life with God. Reconcile Community is located in a fast-growing, highly diverse and underserved area of Greenville.

Will and Becca Broadus with their children

They have been able to work with the local elementary school and high school to build relationships and share the Gospel with students! They are excited to follow up with some of these students and their families this summer and get ready to engage the schools again in the fall! This summer, their missional communities came together as one each week to use the time for Gospel training, team building and outreach.

Follow this link to the main page of the Reconcile Community Church website and read about them in the “How We Live” section.

Your contributions to the Janie Chapman Offering for State Missions, Missions Education, and Great Commission Living help to support these church plants in South Carolina.  Over fifty church plants in SC currently receive monthly financial assistance from Janie Chapman.


  • If there is a church “on every corner” in the Greenville, SC area; then why would we need to start new churches?
  • Why do you think new church plants tend to grow faster than older, established churches?


  • Pray for Gospel opportunities and spiritual growth among the members of the church
  • Pray for safety in the community and for peace among the people who live there.

Part of the 2017 Season of Prayer for the Janie Chapman Offering.




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