LMCO – The Cost of Keeping Missionaries on the Field

LMCO – The Cost of Keeping Missionaries on the Field

LMCO – The Cost of Keeping Missionaries on the Field

We all know that everything is getting more expensive; Food, Education, Health Care, Lodging, etc.  And that is not just here in the United States.  Missionaries throughout the world also experience higher costs.  The International Mission Board (IMB) has listed some examples of costs for keeping missionaries on the field.  These are just some examples:

  • $6 – Pays for a one-mile taxi ride in Tokyo
  • $25 – Supplies one tank of gas to travel by boat in Mozambique
  • $500 – Provides a Smart Card Metro/bus pass for one year in Russia
  • $885 – Helps supply a midwife for childbirth in India
  • $2,000 – Rents a small apartment for one month in London
  • $2,500 – Covers one year of home-school curriculum and supplies

As of December 13, our Rocky Creek Family has given $19,641.00 to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to help our International Missionaries have the resources they need to live and serve in the different countries around the world.

Have you and your family given?  Did you consider what God wanted you to give? Are you satisfied with the amount that your family has given? The offering will be open until December 31.  You can give at church by placing your offering in the offering plate (mark the envelope or check with LMCO) or you can give online at Rocky Creek E-Give Site

Because churches give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, we’ve been able to see new churches start here.  We’ve seen people come to faith, be baptized and discipled.  We’ve been able to tell people about Jesus who have never heard the real Gospel message before” – Zack Dove, Norway- IMB



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