Lottie Moon Prayer Focus – Day 7

Lottie Moon Prayer Focus – Day 7

Today, we are close to the end of the “week of prayer” that we have spread over these last two months and today our focus is on how God has worked throughout the entire world and ways He has eternally impacted people.  Watch the video and pray for these missionaries.

Our Rocky Creek family have given well to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, but we still have two more Sundays that we will collect for the offering.  If you have not given yet, why wait?  Why not go ahead and write your check today as you pray and have it ready for Sunday.  Then praise God for how He is working throughout the world and through the faithfulness of so many who have contributed.

Dilara’s* heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she found the building. She had seen it in a dream—Jesus had picked her up from her bed one night and led her there through the streets of her Central Asian town. In the dream, He had asked her if she was ready to believe, and she’d seen three men standing in the front of the church. When she found the building a few weeks later and walked inside, she was greeted by one of those men. Today, she’s a believer.

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