RC Senior Salvation Bracelet Success

RC Senior Salvation Bracelet Success

Today, February 20, a large group of our RC Seniors gathered in the Fellowship Hall to put together Salvation Bracelets that our team will carry to Brazil in June.  As usual, when our Seniors get together, there is a lot of fun and fellowship, but they worked hard as well.  2,000 salvation bracelets were made by the 80 people who showed up to work.  The hotdog lunch afterwards was a lot of fun as well.

Sorting Colors and assembling Bracelets, with the Quality Control groups in the background!
Always serving with smiles!
Part of the group working diligently to put together 2,000 Salvation Bracelets!
Even more of the group working and laughing together as they serve!
The finished product ready to be taken to Brazil (or perhaps Boston) and used to help tell the Gospel Story of Salvation!
Blue = Creation; Black = Sin; Red = Blood of Jesus; White = Forgiveness; Green = Spiritual Growth; Yellow = Heaven, the ultimate goal for any Believer

If you are not a part of our RC Seniors, you ought to find out more about them and join in.  You will be blessed.

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