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Posts by Marty Miller (Page 2)

How to Have Family Devotions

“In an age of fractured families and hectic schedules, Christian families need to be deeply rooted in Christ. Church and Sunday school are essential. But equally important, Christianity must be lived in the home; Christ must be the center of our lives. There is not magic formula for building a Christian home. However, Christian families through the ages have found joy, strength, and guidance through taking time daily to pray and read together from God’s Word.” We need all the…

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Have you ever wondered why God allows evil? That is one of the most popular questions today from many people, particularly students.  Recently on Wednesday nights in the Storehouse, we answered questions regarding God, Bible, Sin, and Evil. Here is a great little video from Sean McDowell that may help.

Leading Family Devotions

Who needs some ideas how to approach worship as a family at home? Here are some neat ideas and great conversation about leading family worship together as a family. Check it out and get some ideas.
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