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Joyful Ornaments 2017

The Janet Danner Joyful Ornament Fund was founded on the vision and many talents of local women, seeking the will of God. Through His gifts, we have been able to bless other women that are battling cancer with the proceeds of our hand painted Christmas ornaments. It is our desire to serve these women by assisting with their medical expenses and other daily life needs. Joyful Ornaments 2017 from SAILWIND on Vimeo. Don’t miss our “Accelerating Hope Car Show” that benefits this ministry.

Women’s Prayer Ministry

Ladies GAP (God Answers Prayer) prayer ministry has about 10 ladies that rotate monthly praying during the worship service in the Prayer Room! We always welcome new women who believe in the power of prayer that would like to join us as we intercede in behalf of our pastor and the worship service on a monthly basis. If you would like to be on this rotation, please contact Brenda Bagwell (864-918-8563).

Why Kids Leave Church Once They Leave Home

We have replaced parents with programs and we are losing our children one generation at a time. Main Points We have expected the church to do what God expects the family to do. We have replaced parents with programs and we are losing our children one generation at a time. God’s ideal is when a family of God partners with the people of God for the discipleship of every generation. Gen. 18:19; Deut. 6:7; Josh. 24:15; Ps. 78:4

Psalm 141 – August 20

Read the passage this week and think about these questions Psalm 141   How much time have I spent lately calling on the Lord? Do my prayers express a dependency and urgency for God to act in my life? Why should we pray and ask God to guard our mouths? How are others helping you avoid temptation? What is your primary focus in life? Why is this important?  

3 Circles: 1 Method of Sharing the Gospel

The 3 CIRCLES PRESENTATION helps answer common questions in a simple and memorable way so that you can begin to naturally and actively share it with others. Here are two videos to help you understand the nature of the presentation and to show you how to present it in a conversation with someone as you share the gospel. Here is a more condensed version of the 3 Circles presentation:

August 13-19 Missions Prayer List

This week, August 13-19 we would like for you to pray for these two Mission Partners. Nick Jefson – GenerationLink, Anderson, SC – Prayers: Please be in prayer for us at Renewal as we prepare for students to come back to AU. This will also come with the transition back to worshipping at the middle school so there are many moving parts and volunteers needed in the coming weeks. I am also starting my second year at SEBTS and…

Book Review – Overcome

This summer the student ministry at Rocky Creek attended Clayton King’s Crossroads Camp at Anderson University. Two of my children attended, and they had a good week learning much biblical truth.  Maggie Ruth, my 12 year old, encouraged me by bringing me a present from camp – the book Overcome.   In this book Clatyon King challenges the reader to “[replace] the lies that hold us down with the truths that set us free.” While I can’t share everything I learned from the book…

Promotion Sunday – August 20

It is August, and preschoolers, children and students are preparing for another school year.  Those that were in 3rd grade last year are ready to start 4th grade in a few days.  As preschoolers, children, and students move to the next grade in school, they will also be doing this in their groups at Rocky Creek.  On Sunday, August 20, at 9:00am preschoolers, children, and youth will move to their new Gospel Groups. The biggest change will be for those who…

Something New in Kids’ Worship

On Sunday, August 20, your children’s church team will begin a new year of Kids’ Worship. The preschoolers and the children will meet together following the music portion of our worship service in the multi-purpose room. Children and guests must have checked in with an identification sticker prior to being released to participate. Kids’ Worship is provided as a bridge for children who need a little more time before joining their families in worship. The curriculum used for Kids’ Worship…

The Importance of Bible Reading

The Summer 2017 edition of Facts and Trends magazine focused on Bible reading and the new Christian Standard Bible (CSB) by LifeWay. The following are quotes from the magazine to help you understand the importance of Bible reading and encourage you to dig into the Word. Let’s get the Word into our lives.  We start a 100 Day Bible Reading Plan on August 20. “[Reading] Scripture leads to spiritual growth. A previous LifeWay Research study found reading the Bible is the number…

Equipping Your Family

If experience is the only thing able to produce healthy homes, then all our families are doomed. Main Points If experience is the only thing able to produce healthy homes, then all our families are doomed. 2 Tim. 3:16-17 Teaching –  what’s right Reproof – what’s not right Correction – How to make it right Training in righteousness – how to keep it right

August’s Focus: Groups

It’s a new month and that means it’s time for a new focus for the leadership at Rocky Creek.  Each month, we are focusing on a specific area to really develop as a church body.  Just to catch you up, here’s what we have been focusing on at Rocky Creek: January: Pastor – I am so thankful you allowed me to be your pastor! February: Website – The staff did a wonderful job at overhauling the website and the content…

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Psalm 32 – August 13

Read the passages this week and think about these questions. Psalm 32 Psalm 51 2 Samuel 11-12   What type of man/woman is blessed? What are some consequences of sin and guilt? What is the cure for sin and guilt? What does God do with our sin when we confess it? Because God forgives, what should our response to Him be?

Creation & Revelation

Psalm 19 is a key passage to help explain how we learn about the character and nature of God. Creation tells us there is a God.  Revelation tells us what he is like [Ps. 19:1, 7]. If you read Psalm 19:1-6, the psalmist proclaims that creation shows us that God exists.  Most people look at a night sky or a beautiful landscape on earth and proclaims, “How could anyone not believe there is a God?”  Creation takes us that far…

August 6-12 Missions Prayer List

This week, August 6-12 we would like for you to pray for these two Mission Partners. Chuck Mayo – Heritage Baptist Church, Greenville, SC – Prayers: It’s been a good summer.  One of the women from the neighborhood surrendered to Christ through our life on life discipleship process.  It was so exciting to hear her exclamation, “I actually understand when I read my Bible.”  She had prayed a prayer in VBS when she was younger, but really had no…