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Update from Waypoint

What an incredible time last night at our first Waypoint! I was so very thankful that we had to keep bringing out more chairs for everyone who came.  It was a great time of reflecting on what Jesus is doing through the life of His church! While there is simply too much to recap from all we discussed, I want to give you a quick highlight reel and then we will share more detailed posts in the coming days of…

6. Take the Summer Challenge (Clip)

Here is Step Six From the Message: Biblical Blueprint: Teach Your Children Diligently (Deut. 6:4-9) Take the Summer Challenge We have 17 unique summer challenges for your family to draw closer to Jesus and each other.

5. Read the Bible Together

Here is Step Five From the Message: Biblical Blueprint: Teach Your Children Diligently (Deut. 6:4-9) Read the Bible Together – We have developed a Bible reading plan geared to unite our church around God’s Word.

4. Unite Teaching Content for All Ages – (Clip)

Here is Step Four From the Message: Biblical Blueprint: Teach Your Children Diligently (Deut. 6:4-9) Unite Teaching Content for All Ages. The next generation’s greatest chance at comprehension and application is if all generations are learning the same content at the same time.

1. Stay One Step Ahead (Clip)

Here is Step One From the Message: Biblical Blueprint: Teach Your Children Diligently (Deut. 6:4-9) Stay One Step Ahead We cannot teach our children something we have not learned ourselves.  


A catechism (pronunciation: /ˈkætəˌkizəm/; from Greek: κατηχέω, “to teach orally”) Is a Catechism for me? Catechism sounds like a word used by the Catholic Church or some other denomination but not Baptist. I remember the first time I heard the word “Catechism,” a girl I worked with had grown up in the Catholic Church. She talked to me about her time in catechism classes. That was the extent of my understanding. It was something that kids in the Catholic school…

More Than A Feeling

I think the 70’s Rock Band “Boston” had it right with their hit, “More Than a Feeling.” Feelings are good, and emotions are good, but if we don’t have something solid to base our emotions on, it will be just that, an emotional feeling. In my nearly 30 years of ministry, I have had a lot of conversations based on emotional feelings. The one thing that I find in common with these type discussions is that when that feeling wears…

May’s Focus: Leadership

It’s a new month and that means it’s time for a new focus at church.  Each month, we are focusing on a specific area to really develop as a church body.  Just to catch you up, here’s what we have been focusing on: January: Pastor – I am so thankful you allowed me to be your pastor! February: Website – The staff did a wonderful job at overhauling the website and the content to equip you is growing on here…

My Worth is Not in What I Own

My Worth Is Not In What I Own. I had heard this song a while back and connected with the truth it shares. I believe it is something that we all struggle with. it seems that today we are constantly being challenged that our worth and status is based on what we own, where we live, what income bracket we fall into or what school we attended.   Not that any of these things are inherently wrong, but when we…