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Family (Page 8)

Time for Fun

The alarm clock goes off, and it’s off to the races – backpacks, lunch boxes, car rider lines, straighten the house, run some errands, a second car rider line, unpack lunch boxes, and go through backpacks looking for papers to sign and homework to do. When your day feels like one big rat race, you might forget that there are moments in each day you can capture and cherish with your children. There are moments in each day you can…

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Have you ever wondered why God allows evil? That is one of the most popular questions today from many people, particularly students.  Recently on Wednesday nights in the Storehouse, we answered questions regarding God, Bible, Sin, and Evil. Here is a great little video from Sean McDowell that may help.

Grateful for Rocky Creek Academy

Parent’s Perspective on Rocky Creek Academy We have had at least one child attend Rocky Creek Academy since 2007. Next year, 2017-2018, will be our last year as our third and last baby will graduate from K4. Bittersweet. My children have been lucky to share the same wonderful experience year after year. They have shared the same kind teachers, the same playground, the same bright classrooms. The teachers and staff are the same today as they were in the beginning. In life today, that is special.…

The Truth About Satan’s Favorite Lies

Satan is a master of disguise. He knows how to disguise his wolves to attract and ultimately destroy you and your friends. Ironically, Satan’s trap is always the same. He attempts to make the dangerous seem harmless. He makes the ugly seem beautiful. He makes the bad seem good. He makes your wrong choice seem OK. Ironically, Satan’s trap is always the same. He attempts to make the dangerous seem harmless. If you learn to recognize the traps and dangers…

Managing Media

With the increasing amount of media connection, how is a parent supposed to protect their children? How should adults stay accountable?  You can trust the person but not trust the situation. Educate yourself Rearrange the home Install filters

Three Things Parents Should Never Compromise

In your marriage, there may be great reasons to compromise. You may need to compromise and not go to a third store at the mall (even though you really need to check out a huge sale) because your husband really wants to be on time for the movie. Instead, your husband offers to stop back by the mall after the movie so you can check out the sale. This compromise becomes a win-win for both of you. On the other…

Gracious Discipline

Don’t punish your child when you have pushed their limits. 1.    Prov. 22:6 2.    Don’t punish your child when you have pushed their limits. 3.    Discipline based upon the child’s crime and not based on your reputation. 4.    Don’t neglect to teach about grace in discipline.

Leading Family Devotions

Who needs some ideas how to approach worship as a family at home? Here are some neat ideas and great conversation about leading family worship together as a family. Check it out and get some ideas.

Break Off the Engagement

Yellow flags in dating become red flags in marriage. Main Points Years later when she was questioned as to whether she had ever been in love, Moon responded: “Yes, but God had first claim on my life, and since the two conflicted, there could be no question about the result.” 1 Cor. 7:35 – I say this for your own benefit, not to lay any restraint upon you, but to promote good order and to secure your undivided devotion to the…