Basketball Camp

Basketball Camp Brochure

Basketball players can excel on the court and then fail to excel in life if they never realize their personal potential and leadership role as identified by who they are in Christ. Your player will be encouraged to focus on the spiritual aspect of their lives as well as the physical aspect of the sport, and the relational aspect of the sport.

Spiritual – Putting God First

Participants will be encouraged with a daily Bible study and will focus on being a leader on their team, at home, and at school. Each child will identify a “game plan” he or she desires to follow through with to become the leader God has called your child to be both now and in the future.

Physical – Basketball Skill

Participants will participate in daily group skills that focus on improving their individual play. Skills focus includes shooting form, shooting, agility, passing, and movement around the court.

Relational –
Being Part of a Team

Participants will focus a portion of their time on becoming part of a team. Skill focus includes knowledge of key basketball positions and instruction on what players in those positions are there to accomplish. Participants will also learn how a team uses all of the players strengths and weaknesses for the good of the team.

Camp Directors – Kristen & Joy Emery

Kristen is a sports ministry major at North Greenville University. She has a passion for serving Jesus through sports. She plans to begin a non-profit sports ministry to focus on both the athlete’s skill and the athlete’s walk with Christ. Joy has a PE degree from Furman University and a master’s degree in religious education from Southwestern Seminary. Both are background checked through Rocky Creek Baptist Church, and they will train and supervise the student leaders assisting with the camp.
If you have questions regarding the camp, you can call Joy at 615-364-5235.

Ages: Must Have Completed Kindergarten through Completion of 5th Grade

COST: $125.00 (Please make checks payable to the sponsoring ministry: Macedonian Call Ministries for the total amount of $125.00.)

Space Is Limited – Must Sign Up by July 1, 2017


Return the Brochure to: Rocky Creek Baptist Church, 1801 Woodruff Road Greenville, SC 29607

Form and registration may be dropped off at the church office between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday and before 1:00 p.m. on Fridays. You will receive a confirmation call when your application is processed.


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