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'Students' Tagged Posts

The Gift That Keeps On Giving…The Gift Of Sanctification

Every Christmas people spend a lot of time and frustration trying to find that “perfect” gift. Many find this experience to be a hard feat.  Can someone really find the “perfect” gift? A gift that will never wear out, not break, not fade, not rust, not need fixing, not tear up, not have to be returned, or re-gifted? Just thinking about finding that perfect gift can bring anxiousness. In keeping true to the reason for the season, we do have a…

Promotion Sunday – August 20

It is August, and preschoolers, children and students are preparing for another school year.  Those that were in 3rd grade last year are ready to start 4th grade in a few days.  As preschoolers, children, and students move to the next grade in school, they will also be doing this in their groups at Rocky Creek.  On Sunday, August 20, at 9:00am preschoolers, children, and youth will move to their new Gospel Groups. The biggest change will be for those who…

10 Reflections of High School Students

Check out this article by Chuck Lawless about High School Students.  I find it to be very interesting and insightful. Click the link below to read the article. 10 Reflections on High School Students in Your Church