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Equip is back!

How are Christians supposed to navigate this contentious election season? Can we be people known for our conviction and compassion?

In the weeks leading up to the election, join Pastor Travis for Equip as we work through a study entitled, “The Divided States of America.” We will meet on Sundays in the Fellowship Hall at 6:15-7:00.


Make Way for the Coming King

Daniel 7:1-28 Daniel’s frightening vision of future kings alarmed him until he beheld the coming King who would reign forever. Amid polarizing politicians and combative kingdoms, our great hope is in the true King who is on His way. Rules for Apocalyptic Literature Apocalyptic literature is a vision of the future to give believers hope in the present. Focus on what is certain, but don’t obsess about what is left unclear. Be careful of anyone who claims more precise knowledge…

Muzzling Lions

Daniel 6:1-28 Daniel refused to pray to the king and was cast into the lion’s den because of his devotion. Not only did his bold stance make a statement about his faith, but it successfully witnessed to others as well. Discover King Darius gave Daniel a pivotal position in establishing the new kingdom because he trusted in the excellent spirit apparent in him (6:1-9). When a political law contradicted Daniel’s religious devotion, he unashamedly practiced civil disobedience, fully aware of…

When God Has Had Enough

Daniel 5:1-31 When King Belshazzar took the vessels from the temple and used them for idolatrous purposes, God sent a frightening message to the people. The writing on the wall seeks to remind us that when God has had enough, He puts an abrupt end to sin. Discover When King Belshazzar utilized vessels from the temple in Jerusalem for his sinful party, a mysterious hand delivered an unknown message (5:1-9). The people sought Daniel’s help, who used the opportunity to…