God hasn't given up on you.

And neither have we. Our church is committed to helping you make progress in what matters most. We’re here to make disciples.

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Saving for a Rainy Day

We need not wonder if hard times will come but prepare for when they arrive. God’s Word provides helpful wisdom regarding how to make sacrifices now to experience security later. Our lives will be full of unexpected and unavoidable changes. While we cannot predict our final outcomes, we must prepare for certain possibilities. What Proverbs Teaches About Savings Failure to provide financially will wreak havoc in your life. A rich man’s wealth is his strong city; the poverty of the…

What the Joneses Never Tell You

The greatest obstacle to contentment is comparison. Debt seeks to secure our happiness now by committing to pay more for it later. The Culture’s Position on Debt You might envy the stuff that another has, but you don’t know the stress that it takes to keep it. Comparison leads to discontentment; discontentment often leads to debt. Debt attempts to secure our happiness now by committing to pay more for it later. 2019 Averages Average household credit card debt – $8,398…

The Lamentable Legacy of Laziness

While laziness seems to be an accepted cultural disposition, it significantly lessens an individual’s overall opportunities. God’s Word highlights both the blessings and the benefits of hard work. Excuses When you blame laziness on your personality, you covertly attempt to blame God for your lack of effort. Laziness is not a disease or a dysfunction but a decision. Laziness leads to a financial mess and a tarnished legacy. Your personal diligence is related to the glory of God and the…