Curriculum for Academy

Curriculum for Academy

At Rocky Creek Academy, our goal has been to instill in children a love of Christ and equip them with a solid foundation in early learning.  By using the A Beka Curriculum for preschoolers, we utilize a comprehensive, quality curriculum and materials written from a Christian perspective. 

A Beka Curriculum

A Beka Book

Christian schools throughout the nation recognize that A Beka Book sets the standard of excellence in the publishing of textbooks and other materials for Christian schools. A Beka Book, is unashamedly Christian and traditional in their approach to education.  The A Beka Book approach to Christian education keeps learning lively, interesting and memorable.

2 Year Old Curriculum

Our goal for two year olds is building social skills, learning to separate from parents, and interacting with other children.  The two year old A Beka curriculum gives children opportunities to enjoy art as they develop motor skills as well as number recognition.

3 Year Old Curriculum

Three year olds are continuing to develop social skills as well as a new sense of independence. The three year old books reinforce skills learned in the two year old curriculum and begin to add the recognition of letters and sounds and number concepts.

4 Year Old Curriculum

The four year old curriculum continues to build on skills learned in the three year old program with a focus on handwriting. It also adds phonics and pre-reading as well as readiness skills in preparation for kindergarten.

For more information on A Beka, you can go to this site.

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