Why the Gospel Project is Important

Why the Gospel Project is Important

In an article entitled “8 Ways to Miss the Point of Small Group”, Kristen Wetherell states that the goal of groups should be “fellowship and encouragement around God’s Word.”  However, sometimes our groups don’t hit this goal, and she list 8 ways in which we miss the target.

The Gospel Project curriculum which we will start using at Rocky Creek in September will not necessarily solve all the issues that Wetherell lists, but let me list some positives which will encourage us to stay focused on fellowship and God’s Word.  In the Gospel Project;

  1. The Bible is central.  Each week we’ll study a passage of Scripture and see how it fits in with the bigger narrative of the Bible.  After going through this whole curriculum, you should have a much better understanding of the Bible and God’s redemptive plan.  So make sure you bring your Bible each week and also use it between meetings.
  2. There are questions for discussion so people can share how God’s Word is changing and shaping them.  As people share we get to know them better, and we learn how to pray for them better.  Also, we can come alongside them in difficult times and we can rejoice with them in joyful times.
  3. There is a missional component or aspect which will challenge us to pray for those who don’t know Christ and encourage us to make Him known to these people.
  4. There is a reading plan to put into practice during the week.  That way you can stay in the Word and you can ask others what God is teaching them.
  5. There is a logical, systematic approach to studying the Bible.  We won’t just stick with one topic.  If a passage challenges someone or confronts them, then we’ll be able to help each other walk through it.  This curriculum can be a tool to remind us that we all need the Gospel, and that we need to keep depending on the Gospel.

I am looking forward to the Gospel Project helping Rocky Creek maintain healthy groups that hit the goal, and not miss the mark.


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