August 6-12 Missions Prayer List

August 6-12 Missions Prayer List

This week, August 6-12 we would like for you to pray for these two Mission Partners.

Chuck Mayo – Heritage Baptist Church, Greenville, SC –


  • It’s been a good summer.  One of the women from the neighborhood surrendered to Christ through our life on life discipleship process.  It was so exciting to hear her exclamation, “I actually understand when I read my Bible.”  She had prayed a prayer in VBS when she was younger, but really had no idea what she was doing.  30 years later, as one of our ladies walked her through what it meant to surrender to Jesus as Lord she struggled and worked through it.  God took her on a journey, and as He carried her through crazy, difficult times, she began to trust Him until one day she just gave in and told the Lord I’m through fighting, I’m yours.  It was an exciting time.
  • We’ve also seen another young man who has lived a tough life start coming regularly.  Pray for him (we will call him ’T’).  He can’t read well and has a hard time focusing for long, but he has a soft heart and I believe is seeking hard.
  • We are continuing to learn and grow as a church.  We had about half the church attend a prayer retreat.  We prepared a guide and gave some instructions that allowed us to use praise and worship music and the Lord’s prayer and our prayer lists to spend intimate time before the Lord.  It was exciting when after 5 hours most said something like, “and I didn’t even get past Your Kingdom Come!”  We believe so much in the power and necessity of prayer that this is one of the most exciting growth points in the last year.  Please keep praying for the gospel and for our growth in obedience to our Lord Jesus.


Matt Johns – ReChrist Ministries, Norcross, GA –


  • Pray for the after school programs starting in the coming month.  We need servant-volunteers.  Pray for students as they begin school onAugust 7th.
  • Pray for loose ends at the close of a ministry season to be tucked away and for new opportunities this upcoming season to flourish.
  • Pray for a deepening understanding of prayer and its power within our home and ministry

Important Dates:

  • August 5 – Matt’s Birthday
  • August 8 – Ashley’s Birthday
  • August 15 – Preaching at Victory Home
  • August 19 – Fall Kick off celebration in local apartment ministries

God Story:

  • The thing that touched my heart the most was to witness Heather and Maggie (Rocky Creek’s own) sharing their faith.  God challenged them to bear witness to a Muslim lady in full burka.  I witnessed these girls take to heart the challenge.  Most people would see the veil and assume there was no hope, but these girls looked past the veil to know a person under the veil needed to know Jesus.  I was blessed to witness the love of Christ working from within these two young people.  If a 12-year-old and an 18-year-old can overcome their fear to share their faith than so can you.  I might add these two girls lead another lady to the Lord that day!  Praise God!


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