Three Churches In One

Three Churches In One

Strengthening Churches

“What a beautiful historic church!” That may be the first comment of a visitor to Charleston who sees Citadel Square Baptist Church. In 1854 the members of First Baptist Church saw the need for a church out on the edge of the city and planted Citadel Square on Meeting Street. No longer on the “edge” but in the heart of Charleston, the church has had a vital ministry for more than 160 years.

Pastor David Walker leads this congregation as they “glorify God by worshiping Him and making disciples.” They also seek “to care for those around us and celebrate what God is doing in and through our lives.”

Over the past several years, Citadel Square has invited two other churches to come and meet in their facilities.  The first was a Chinese congregation of about 100 people that needed a place to meet. They offered their chapel for the Chinese service. Since a number of Chinese work at the Medical University and live close by, this has been a perfect place for them.  Then Centerpoint Church was looking for a place to worship and with their target group of college students, the location at Citadel Square was perfect, having three schools close by.

Citadel Square has 3 churches that meet in the one building;
Citadel Square Baptist Church
Centerpoint Church
Charleston Chinese Church

They all share the same goal, and sometimes even share the same service.  The congregations gather monthly for a Wednesday prayer meeting and often have combined services. They are united in their mission to reach the lost for Christ.  This combining of churches has helped to strengthen all three churches in some very powerful ways.  The Janie Chapman Offering has even helped to sponsor some training for their church leaders, and not just for those three churches, but many churches in the area, of different ethnicities and cultures have benefitted from that training.

When the shooting happened at Mother Emanuel AME church, which happens to be next door to Citadel Square, the local churches had already formed some relationships that opened the door for ministry during that tragedy.

Rocky Creek, like Citadel Square Baptist Church, has 3 churches that meet in one building;
Rocky Creek,
Rocky Creek Hispanic Church, and
Indian Upstate Fellowship

These three churches have had times of worshiping together and recently were able to celebrate the baptism of several from the Hispanic church together.


  • Name some ways that it can benefit a church, and a community for churches to work together in this way?
  • How can you see God’s leadership in multiple churches coming together to work towards a common goal?


  • Pray for these churches as they seek to make disciples and work together for God’s good.
  • Pray that Citadel Square Baptist Church (and the other churches in the area) would be strengthened through their combined efforts.

Part of the 2017 Season of Prayer for the Janie Chapman Offering.