October Serve Month – – UPDATED

October Serve Month – – UPDATED

October is Serve Month at Rocky Creek.

The list has been updated again, past events have been removed.  After you sign up, you will receive more details about that particular event.

Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” Luke 5:5

The disciples were obedient to Jesus command to put their net out, even though they were experienced fishermen.  God blessed them tremendously through their obedience.  We also need to be Obedient Servants like the disciples.

These mission opportunities are to help our church family get involved in serving through the month of October, and to help encourage them to continue serving in different ways throughout their lives.

Look over the list of mission opportunities and see where you believe you can best plug in.  Some are excellent opportunities for families to serve together, some are better for adults, or for students.  The goal of these mission opportunities is not to see how many any one person can participate in, but to encourage as many of our church family to get involved in some way.

To see a calendar of all of the scheduled events for October, click October Serve Month

Piedmont Women’s Center – Lunch

Serving Lunch to the Grove Road Construction Crew on Thursdays in October (October 19, 26).  Prepare and serve lunch to the construction crew and help them to experience God’s love through simple expressions of kindness.  (Because of the weather, this event has not been able to occur yet but hopefully we will start this week.)


David’s Table – Dinner

Prepare and serve dinner to the David’s Table crew of about 80 people on Monday evenings (October 16, 23, 30).  Need to arrive by 5:15.  Sign up here but also on MealTrain.com at the link below.


All of the dinners in October have already been spoken for.  But people can still go and help another group serve the meal and especially love on the kids.

David’s Table – Tennis

Hang out with kids while they play tennis on Thursdays at 11:00 and go to the mall to eat lunch with them. (October 19, 26).  You do NOT need to know how to play tennis, but you should know how to love on kids.


Project Host Soup Kitchen

On Friday, October 20, 4-5 people will go to help prepare and serve lunch at Project Host.  Must be high school or adult for this project.  Other dates may be available if you are interested.  Contact Christy Warren, 864-906-5556 or twarren3@charter.net


Janet Danner Joyful Ornaments Fund

Here are some ways people can actually serve along side this ministry;  Prepare meals (or gift cards) for recipients and pray with them when you deliver the meal; Provide transportation to doctor appointment; Serve on Wednesday evening with the existing group; Send a note or card to recipients or volunteers. 

Rocky Creek Hispanic Church

A very special opportunity for a family or couple to make a visit with Ernesto or Marcella Chaparro to one of the families connected with the RC Hispanic Church to pray for and encourage them.  You do NOT need to know Spanish, just be willing to love on a family.  Visits will be on Tuesdays, October 24, meet at RC at 7:00.

Heritage Church, Greenville

On Saturday, October 21 (9 AM), Come help Pastor Chuck Mayo and Heritage Church work to paint and upgrade some of their rooms.  This would be a great event for families to help out.  Later we will be looking at some other events with Heritage to help them radically love their neighbors.

Prayer Walk Legacy Park and Verdae

Rocky Creek will be partnering with Brushy Creek and the Greenville Baptist Association to help plant a new church in the Verdae Community.  On Tuesday, October  17, (7:00 PM) we want to have people walk through the Verdae area and pray for the people who live there and ask God to open up opportunities.

Miracle Hill Children’s Home

Let’s send a group to the Children’s Home in Pickens on Saturday, October 21, 9-noon, to help clean up the grounds (rake/blow leaves), help with several projects they have,  and love on some of the children.


Indian Upstate Fellowship

We are looking for some folks to come up to the church building on Sunday evenings and love on some children whose parents come to the Indian Upstate Fellowship.  They meet on Sunday evenings at 5:30 in the Multi-Purpose Room.   (October 15, 22, 29)


October Serve Month

Where would you like to serve?  Please take a few minutes and sign up below, check the box or boxes next to the Mission Opportunity to indicate your interest in helping out.


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