Senegal Mission Trip – March 2018

Senegal Mission Trip – March 2018

In September, 2016, Alton and David sat on the front porch of a man we will call “Adam” with his friend “Abdou”, in a village in Senegal, Africa.  “Adam” had asked us for a French Bible and we were finally able to deliver one to him.  As we sat and discussed the Gospel of John, both men seemed eager to listen and understand.  When we left them, we challenged “Adam” to read the Gospel of John, and then to discuss it with his friend “Abdou” who does not read French.  We are excited for when we return in November to see what God has done with these two men.  They are both Muslim but they both seemed very interested to see what the Holy Bible had to say.  We are praying the Holy Spirit has spoken to them.

Bible study in English to Wolof to French to Sereer!!!!!

This ministry with the people in Senegal is slow, difficult, but necessary.  There is not another group who is currently carrying the Gospel to the Sereer Palor people, other than Rocky Creek.  Alton and David will go again in November, 2017, but we are scheduling a trip for March 2018.  We are looking for people who would be interested in participating.  The trip is not easy as we generally try to stay in the village when we can; it isn’t cheap since we have to pay for airfare and other essentials, and it isn’t for everyone because you have to be able to look beyond your own comforts and preconceived ideas.  However, for those who go, you will be blessed beyond measure as you get to share the Gospel message with people who have no understanding of Who Jesus Christ really is.

Sleeping Arrangements
“Necessary Room”


The cost of the trip is based largely upon the cost of airfare, but generally the trips will cost around $2,500.  You must have a US Passport that is valid until November 2018 and there are several shots that are highly recommended.  Malaria is an issue in Senegal, but a prescription of Malarone is not expensive.  Expenses in the country include food, travel, translator, and some lodging.

A typical meal where we share from a common bowl.

The Sereer Palor people speak Wolof and Sereer, and normally several other languages.  They are a Muslim people, but they also have their traditional African religions (spirits, etc).  While there, we spend a lot of time just sitting and talking with people, looking for opportunities to turn the conversation to Jesus, the Bible, and Heaven.  Flexibility is a requirement since many times the plans we make change several times a day, but God always seems to have a plan for us.  Last year some of our favorite conversations were the ones we didn’t set up, but that God sent our way.

“Lyn” told us we that he knows Jesus was good. But he does not recognize Jesus as Savior.

One tool that I highly recommend becoming familiar with if you think you might be interested is “Any 3 Evangelism”.    Here is an easy outline of the Any 3 Evangelism plan  After you look at this outline,  You can find out much more about Any 3 Evangelism at this website.

This young boy only know what his father and grandfather teach him about Mohammed, unless someone goes to share with him about Jesus Christ.

If you are interested and want some more information, please contact David Williams,, or fill out the form below.  In order to be able to purchase flights and make arrangements, registration for this trip must be made by November 26, 2017.