LMCO – Even International Missionaries Give To Lottie Moon

LMCO – Even International Missionaries Give To Lottie Moon

In 2014, Rocky Creek sent a team to Senegal to host the Western Gateway Conference, a retreat for missionaries serving throughout West Africa.  Every missionary family that came to the conference came prepared with money they had set aside through the year for Lottie Moon.  Our team had brought dozens of gift baskets for children, adults, and families for a very special Lottie Moon Auction.

The missionaries had a blast bidding on the different baskets and they all went home with some unique gifts.  But even if they had not had the gifts and baskets, they would have donated the same amount of money to Lottie Moon.  They know the benefit of Lottie Moon and what those funds mean to the work of other international missionaries.  The 30 missionary families donated over $15,000 to Lottie Moon.

Thirty Missionary Families Donated Over $15,000 to Lottie Moon!

The following article published by the International Mission Board talks about the same type of auction with other international missionaries.

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