Lottie Moon Prayer Focus – Day 8

Lottie Moon Prayer Focus – Day 8

This is the last prayer focus for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  For the past eight Wednesdays, we have posted this prayer focus to encourage our Church Family to pray for International Missions, to educate our Family about the great work that the International Mission Board and our International Missionaries are doing, and to motivate our Family to financially support the LMCO to help further the work of those missionaries.  Today, IMB President, David Platt reminds us why prayer is so vital:

God has ordained our prayer as a means to accomplish His purpose in the world. We’ve got to be aware that our praying for boldness for missionaries is actually going to affect whether or not they have boldness. When we pray, God works.

Click here for the final LMCO Prayer Focus

If you would still like to give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and help support the work of the International Mission Board, and if you would like to get credit for a 2017 tax donation, you can donate online (see link below the photo) by 12-31-17, or bring a check on Sunday, December 31, or mail your offering and make sure it has a 2017 postmark.  All funds sent to Rocky Creek for LMCO will be sent to the IMB early January and all LMCO funds are used by IMB personnel overseas for missions.  There are no administrative fees taken out, 100% of the money donated to LMCO is used overseas to God’s Glory.