Staff Responsibilities

Staff Responsibilities

Rocky Creek is blessed with an incredible staff.

I am daily encouraged by this team’s integrity, godliness, and diligence as they serve this church family.  In recent months, we have spent some time together studying how each of us is gifted, how we work together as a team, and also how we could better organize and clarify our responsibilities.

In the section below, you can read a summarized version of our staff’s ministry responsibilities.  While the main responsibilities of each person will remain consistent, there are specific ways that they might be implemented which differs from year to year.  With every bullet point, each staff member is working through a list of objectives or goals on how they can best pull each one off in the coming year.  We are so eager to shepherd this congregation as we seek to make disciples!

We wanted to share this information with you for a few different reasons:

  1. The church could know the faces and responsibilities of all our staff members
  2. The church could get a peek behind the scenes to the people responsible for some incredible service and leadership
  3. The church could pray for their staff with clear direction and focus

More than just raising the bar (which is always a good thing for any Christ-follower), I really want this year to expose the bar.  Since so much of our staff’s service is done behind the scenes, I want you to be aware of all the great contributions that they make on a daily basis.  This team does some incredible things for the Kingdom that many of you might not even know who is working so hard in order to make it happen.

So, here’s how you can pray and encourage your church staff:

Travis Agnew – SENIOR PASTOR

  • PREACHES the gospel for the edification of the body
  • SHEPHERDS the church into Great Commission work
  • LEADS staff and ministry leaders into ministry multiplication


  • CONNECTS families to the ministries of the church
  • OVERSEES the ministry of the Preschool Academy
  • EQUIPS staff to serve preschoolers and their families


  • MOBILIZES members to take the next steps for ministry service
  • LEADS ministry to families of children
  • OVERSEES Entrust initiative for ministry preparation and assistance


  • EQUIPS the disciple-makers to make disciples
  • ENCOURAGES members to take the next steps of discipleship
  • ESTABLISHES systems regarding budgets, buildings, and bodies

Beth McClintock – OFFICE MANAGER

  • ASSISTS church family with ministry needs
  • ORGANIZES information regarding budgets, buildings, and bodies
  • MANAGES office needs for staff


  • EQUIPS parents to disciple their children
  • LEADS ministry to families of students
  • RESOURCES the body for theological development

Donald Shockley – WORSHIP PASTOR


  • LEADS worship team in order to lead congregation in worship
  • OVERSEES information technology areas for ministry usage
  • COORDINATES church communication message and methods


  • LEADS ministry to families of preschoolers
  • OVERSEES host team ministry
  • GUIDES guests to take next steps towards church membership


  • ASSISTS leaders for onsite ministry
  • PREPARES campus for discipleship environments
  • MANAGES contract workers

David Williams – MISSIONS PASTOR

  • MOBILIZES members to engage with our mission partnerships
  • OVERSEES the church’s pastoral care ministry
  • LEADS guests to take the next steps of salvation, baptism, and membership