Bible Reading Plan for Week of February 11

Bible Reading Plan for Week of February 11

We studied Acts 16 in our Gospel Groups and discovered that Paul and Silas traveled to Philippi and presented truth to at least three individuals.  The gospel message was received and it starts bearing much fruit.  The church at Philippi is formed and Paul has a strong affection for this body of believers.  Therefore, we’ll read through Paul’s letter to the Philippians this week and then on Saturday and Sunday, we’ll focus on the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups and the Sunday sermon.  Please consider the questions below regarding the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups.

  • Sunday, February 11 – Colossians 1:1 – 4:18
  • Monday, February 12- Philippians 1:1-30
  • Tuesday, February 13 – Philippians 2:1-30
  • Wednesday, February 14 – Philippians 3:1-21
  • Thursday, February 15 – Philippians 4:1-23
  • Friday, February 16 – Philippians 1:1 – 4:23
  • Saturday, February 17 – Acts 17:1-34

What idolatry do you see in Greenville? In US culture?

How do you react to idolatry and brokenness in our culture?

How is your past preparing you for current and future ministry?

How do you engage others with the truth of God?

Do you think Paul had to take a different approach in the marketplace vs. synagogue? Why?

How have you used something in your situation or surroundings to share the gospel?

What was the response to Paul’s sharing truth?

Pray for people who need to hear truth! (family, co-workers, neighbors


  • Sunday, February 18 – Colossians 1:1 – 4:18

We will make posts on our website and app on Sunday mornings that outline the Bible reading plan for the rest of the week.  Or you can view the entire Bible Reading Plan for November 28 to March 31 here.


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