Bible Reading Plan for Week of March 4

Bible Reading Plan for Week of March 4

This week we will spend time in the New Testament book of 1 John.  It is one of three letters, in addition to his gospel and Revelation, that John writes to encourage people in the faith of Jesus. The basics of Christianity are emphasized and the words fellowship, light, and love are foundational.  On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll focus on the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups and the Sunday sermon.  Please consider the questions below regarding the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups.

  • Sunday, March 4 – Colossians 1:1 – 4:18
  • Monday, March 5 – 1 John 1:1-10
  • Tuesday, March 6 – 1 John 2:1-27
  • Wednesday, March 7 – 1 John 2:28 – 3:24
  • Thursday, March 8 – 1 John 4:1-21
  • Friday, March 9 – 1 John 5:1-21
  • Saturday, March 10 – 1 Corinthians 1:10-31

What are some common causes of division within churches today?

 Unity must be grounded in the gospel, not a specific leader?  Why?

Are you attending Rocky Creek because a certain preacher/pastor is there or because much is made of Jesus?

Does unity mean uniformity?

What is something that you have done that you thought was “wise”, but was really “foolish”?

Why is the cross (Christ crucified) a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles?

What types of people does God choose?  Why?

How is Jeremiah 9:23-24 similar to these verses?

How does boasting in the Lord bring Christians together in unity?

What are you boasting in today?

  • Sunday, March 11 – Colossians 1:1 – 4:18


We will make posts on our website and app on Sunday mornings that outline the Bible reading plan for the rest of the week.  Or you can view the entire Bible Reading Plan for November 28 to March 31 here.