Posts from April 2018

Posts from April 2018

Help Needed at PWC Grove Road Center

PWC needs 2 – 3 people to help this Friday, May 4, during the day.  These volunteers will help cover up doors and windows with plywood.  You need to know how to operate a Skilsaw and a drill-screwdriver.  This work will drastically reduce the possibility of theft of equipment and resources that would cost the PWC construction project money.  If you would be willing to help, please contact David Williams ( or 288-1323 by Wednesday evening so we can let…

How to Study the Gospel of Mark

The Bible provides an incredible depiction of Jesus through four unique Gospels.  The Gospel of Mark emphasizes the need to follow Jesus immediately.  In order to study this book, let’s address the differences between the four Gospels and the unique nature of Mark’s Gospel.

Bible Reading Plan for Week of April 29

This week we will read through the book of Galatians.  Paul writes this epistle to the church to encourage believers to walk by faith.  Do not give up your “voyage of faith and chart a course based on works…Galatians is a vigorous attack against the gospel of works, and a defense of the gospel of faith.”  As you read, remind yourself of the gospel and how you should respond accordingly.  The law is not for us to try to perfectly…

The Gospel of Mark [Sermon Series Overview]

I chose to preach through the Gospel of Mark because of the book’s two main focuses: Christology Discipleship Our world is in need of a higher view of both of these concepts.  We need to know who Jesus is and we need to know what discipleship is.

Why Studying Mark Is Important

Planning sermon series regarding direction, content, and schedule can be a daunting task.  When I decided that I wanted to study a Gospel and focus on discipleship, I chose Mark because of the focus.  As I drafted out potential sermons, I first came up with 48 sermons and tried to reduce the number but felt like our church family would miss out if I did.

Playground Demolition Day

Saturday, May 12, is demolition and clean up day at the Rocky Creek playground.  We need to remove the mulch, fencing, and current playground equipment to be ready for a playground makeover.  Later in May we’ll have new equipment, turf, and fencing installed. We’ll start at 8:00am on May 12.  Food and drinks will be provided. Please contact Keith Westcott,, or 864-288-1323, if you are able to help May 12.  If you can’t come right at 8:00am, join us…

The Gospel According to Mark [Video]

One of the earliest official accounts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Mark addresses the basic questions of whether Jesus was the true Messiah for whom Israel had been waiting. And if so, what kind of Messianic king was he if he suffered and died?

Rocky Creek Collegiates Engaged in Missions

In a world where people often downplay the role of the millennials in our society, Rocky Creek is blessed to celebrate our millennials being on mission this summer. This year, we launched a new college initiative and gave the collegiates a place to both grow in their faith and to serve through the body of Christ. Rocky Creek provided “College Commit” as a way for students who are local during the school year to “commit” to Rocky Creek as their…

Who Was Mark?

John Mark wrote the Gospel in the New Testament that we commonly refer to as Mark.  While he is mentioned in the New Testament in a few spots, what do we really know about the man who wrote what was probably the first Gospel written?

Overview of Mark [Read Scripture Video]

Watch this Read Scripture video on the book of Mark, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Mark demonstrates that Jesus is Israel’s Messiah who inaugurates God’s kingdom through his suffering, death, and resurrection. Spanish Subtitles Para nuestros miembros que hablan español, aquí hay un video con subtítulos en español.

Multiply Churches

The Multiply Initiative is our simple yet aggressive plan to multiply disciples.  As we make disciples within our own church, our prayer is that we will see growth in our church and in the churches we plant or replant. PD 15 – Multiply Churches Multiplication Values We believe a church multiplication model is a process that shows these important values: Biblical Faithfulness – The Great Commission expects us not to work to see how many attendees we have gathered but…

Bible Reading Plan for Week of April 22

This week we will continue reading the book of Romans.  Continue to read it prayerfully and ask God to change you.  May He transform us by the renewing of our minds (12:2).  Because of our position in Christ and what He has done, let us live appropriately.   May we live in a manner that is worthy of Christ and seek to magnify Him in all we do.  On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll focus on the Scriptures for our Gospel…
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