Posts from April 2018 (Page 2)

Posts from April 2018 (Page 2)

April Parenting Principle #4

Principle: Recognizing what you are unable to do is essential to good parenting. Many parents have been there before. Your child is acting up in the grocery store, and you feel the embarrassment of blood rush to your face. In an act of discipline and punishment, you either grab or yell at your child, probably not softly but maybe even harsh and angry. You retreat to thoughts of punishment, better discipline, and better parenting because we have to help them…

April Missions Prayer Newsletter

This month as you read and pray through the April Missions Prayer Newsletter, you will get to pray for; “Man” whom Jeremy and David shared with in Senegal, The kids involved with David’s Table and how the RC Preschoolers loved on them, A new relationship with Christ by a girl who thought she already “believed” in Jesus, A church that is experiencing growth but also feeling growth pains, and a hilarious – yet very true- misunderstanding about the purpose of…

Bible Reading Plan for Week of April 1

Although we read through the book of 1 John a few weeks ago, we will be reading through this book again.  Repetition is a good thing.  The book of 1 John deals with several recurring themes.  As you read through this book notice the topics of love, obedience, and truth continue to pop up.  For believers, these three elements should characterize our lives.  Are the things John says evident in your life?  Hopefully, the answer is “yes” and  we pass…
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