Parenting Post #6

Parenting Post #6

A Post by Shawn Piedrahita (NGU Student)

Principle: You need to parent with a Process Mentality

     When does parenting finish? Has a parent completed their God-given duty when their child graduates high school, college, or gets married? According to Paul David Tripp, a parent’s job is never finished. In fact, He labels this as having a Process Mentality. In his book on Parenting, Tripp defines parenting as “unfinished people being used by God as agents of transformation in the lives of unfinished children.” This definition of parenting allows parents to view their God-given task as a continual process rather than a sprint to graduation or marriage. Tripp also points out that even Jesus left His disciples unfinished, though He promised them a helper to come and continue their training (John 16:12-15). In the end, parents must remember that the goal is not to get your kids to graduation or marriage, but to see them grow into the man or woman that God has created them to be.

As Tripp points out, parenting is a process and we must seek God to help us in that process as we teach and disciple our children.


Information taken from the book: (Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family) by Paul David Tripp