Bible Reading Plan for Week of August 26

Bible Reading Plan for Week of August 26

This week we will start a reading plan that will take us chronologically through the Bible.  We will read through the Scriptures in the order in which events occurred.  Hopefully, as you read God’s Word it will come alive to you and you will see God in a fresh way.  May God reveal Himself to you in a powerful way as you meditate on the Bible.  We will start in Genesis and work our way to Revelation.  May God do mighty things in the body of Rocky Creek as we think on Him.  On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll focus on the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups and the Sunday sermon.  Please consider the questions below regarding the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups.

  • Sunday, August 26 – Mark 5:21-43
  • Monday, August 27 – Genesis 1:1 – 2:25
  • Tuesday, August 28 – Genesis 3:1 – 4:26
  • Wednesday, August 29 – Genesis 5:1 – 7:24
  • Thursday, August 30 – Genesis 8:1 – 9:29
  • Friday, August 31 – Genesis 10:1 – 11:32
  • Saturday, September 1 – Genesis 1:1-31; Colossians 1:15-18

What truths are contained in the first 4 words of the Bible, “In the beginning God”?

Genesis 1:1 says that God created the heavens and the earth.  What does it tell us about God that He created this from nothing (ex nihilo)?

What do we learn about God in Genesis 1:1 and Colossians 1:15-18?

What does God create day 1, 2, and 3?

How does God describe His creation after each day?

Does knowing that God is good affect the way you live?

What is Jesus’ role in creation?

Does “firstborn” (Colossians 1:15) mean that Jesus is a created being?

Does Jesus have His rightful place in your life?  Is he the center of your life?  Does your life revolve around Him?

How have you seen sin destroy creation?

How can you use creation to tell someone about God this week?

  • Sunday, September 2 – Mark 6:1-13

We will make posts on our website and app on Sunday mornings that outline the Bible reading plan for the rest of the week.  Or you can view the entire  Bible Reading Plan (June – Aug 2018)