State Missions Offering

State Missions Offering

Janie Chapman Offering for State Missions

For State Missions, Missions Education, and Great Commission Living

Here is what it is….

Each year in September, South Carolina Baptists focus on State Missions through prayer and finances.  This offering is named the “Janie Chapman Offering for State Missions” after the first president of the SC Woman’s Missionary Union in 1937.  The funds raised from this annual offering help to support Evangelism, Church Planting, Training, Educational Ministries, and much more (see the link below about How Is My Financial Gift Used?).

On Sunday, September 9, we will have a chance to start praying for 8 different Mission opportunities within the state of SC.  They are a range of different ministries to help you see how SC Baptists are involved in many different areas.  Then on Sunday, September 16, we will ask you to bring in your offering for State Missions.

There is a lot of information included with this post.  I pray that as you read through some of this information, that you will pray daily for the mission opportunities that will be posted, and that you will consider how you might give to help support this mission work throughout the state of SC.

Here is what it does…
Here is how you can pray…
  1. Day One Prayer Guide
  2. Day Two Prayer Guide
  3. Day Three Prayer Guide
  4. Day Four Prayer Guide
  5. Day Five Prayer Guide
  6. Day Six Prayer Guide
  7. Day Seven Prayer Guide
  8. Day Eight Prayer Guide
Here is how you can give…

On Sunday, September 16, bring your offering to church (on your check to Rocky Creek, you can mark State Missions or Janie Chapman in the memo section), or go online and mark your offering for State Missions.