Disaster Relief for Hurricane Florence

Disaster Relief for Hurricane Florence

While we were graciously spared in the Upstate from the wrath of Hurricane Florence, many were not.  Parts of Eastern North Carolina have seen flooding where houses will likely have to be completely demolished, or being completely gutted, all furnishings, sheetrock, electrical, HVAC, etc being removed and eventually replaced.  It is a painstaking task, and since Hurricane Matthew hit almost exactly 2 years ago in about the same areas, some of those homes and businesses have been sitting vacant and in need of repair.

People want to help after a disaster, but it is important to know HOW to effectively help.

One of the questions often asked at this point following a natural disaster is “what can we do?”  Many well meaning people want to collect water bottles, clothes, food, and other items to send to those in need.  However, at this point the best and most needed item is money.

The best way to help right now is by donating money.

Last year Rocky Creek sent a team of 4 to Nichols, SC to help with some rebuilding following Hurricane Matthew.  As we drove around, the houses that were repaired were those where the owners had flood insurance.  The other houses were sitting vacant, patiently waiting (a year later after the storm) for someone to come and rebuild.  Most of the home owners did NOT have flood insurance and the only way their houses were getting rebuilt was either through a FEMA Loan, or through donations that allowed agencies to purchase the materials needed.  Our team worked primarily with Nichols Baptist Church, which once again has had flood waters in the building.

The South Carolina Baptist Convention Disaster Relief will help collect and channel funds to ReBuildSC or other agencies to help provide the resources.  They also help assemble volunteer teams to go (when the time is right) into the areas to help provide the labor.  If you would like to give, you can go to their website SC Baptist Disaster Relief