Bible Reading Plan for Week of October 21

Bible Reading Plan for Week of October 21

God has heard the cries of His people and He has rescued them from Egyptian slavery.  He has shown His power and grace through the 10 plagues and the crossing of the Red Sea.  Now God will continue to show His power and grace as the Israelites travel through the wilderness to come to the Promised Land.  As you continue reading in Exodus, think about God’s power and grace that have been demonstrated in your own life.  On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll focus on the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups and the Sunday sermon.  Please consider the questions below regarding the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups.

  • Sunday, October 21 – Mark 8:1-26
  • Monday, October 22 – Exodus 16-18
  • Tuesday, October 23 – Exodus 19-21
  • Wednesday, October 24 – Exodus 22-24
  • Thursday, October 25 – Exodus 25-27
  • Friday, October 26 – Exodus 28-29
  • Saturday, October 27 – Genesis 24

Why does Abraham tell his servant to take a wife for Isaac from among his relatives?

Why does Abraham tell his servant not to take Isaac back to the land from where he came?

How can our trust in God be an example for our children (or others) to follow?

What does the servant do at the well?

How does the servant pray and how does God respond?

How have you experienced God answering your prayers?  How has that shaped the prayers you pray now?

How is God gracious in providing a wife for Isaac?

How can it help us navigate life’s struggles and joys knowing that God loves us and is intimately involved in our daily lives?

  • Sunday, October 28 – Mark 8:27-33

We will make posts on our website and app on Sunday mornings that outline the Bible reading plan for the rest of the week.  Or you can view the entire Bible Reading Plan (Sept – Nov 2018)