Meet Daniel Gibson – Rocky Creek’s Part-Time Media Coordinator

Meet Daniel Gibson – Rocky Creek’s Part-Time Media Coordinator

Our Rocky Creek staff and personnel team are excited to announce our newest part-time media coordinator – Daniel Gibson. Daniel joined the team on January 1, 2019, after serving as a college intern last year under Donald Shockley’s supervision in the music and media area. Daniel’s new responsibilities will include coordinating the media communications, leading the Rocky Creek creative team, and overseeing graphics for individual ministry areas. To introduce you to Daniel, he answered following questions:

Why did you want to do an internship with Rocky Creek?
I had previously heard Pastor Travis preach at North Greenville. I knew that it would be a great experience to be part of his church and to learn from his leadership team. I also have a great passion for media ministry and have experience working with church media teams and graphics.

Where are you in college and what are you majoring in?
I am currently in my junior year of college and majoring in elementary education at North Greenville University.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to drink coffee and play the violin but not at the same time.

If you have free time, what would we find you doing?
When I have free time, you might find me drinking coffee, reading a book, or bowling, but most likely you would find me working on something during my free time.

What’s your favorite fast food restaurants?
Of course, I endorse and love Christian chicken at Chick-Fil-A, and I have recently discovered Your Pie which is conveniently located near the church.

Do you have siblings?
I have two older brothers, Alan and Zachary, who both work in the school system in Spartanburg County in District Five.

When did you become a Christian?
I grew up in church and knew about Jesus and about God’s plan for people, but I didn’t have a full understanding of the Gospel and how it impacted me. On Easter Sunday at age 14, I went to my uncle’s church and accepted Christ as my Savior. I was baptized later that month at my home church.

Have you ever been on a mission trip?
I have been on mission trips in the US in the state of Kentucky and in New York City. I have also served on a mission team in Nicaragua.

What are you most excited about in your new position at Rocky Creek as the Media Coordinator?
I am excited to use media at Rocky Creek to help point others to the Gospel. I am also excited to lead the new Rocky Creek Creatives team as we develop graphics and media to tell the stories of God at work in our church.

What Others Are Saying about Daniel:

  • “I have been blessed to work with people of great talent in the area of media. I have been blessed to work with those who are great on teams. I have been blessed to serve alongside people with a heart for ministry. I rarely find someone who fits all three of those categories. Rocky Creek has been blessed with that in Daniel Gibson.” Travis Agnew, Sr. Pastor
  • “Daniel is very talented and willing to share his talent with others. He is friendly and fits in well at Rocky Creek. Last year, he came to the Sr. Adult luncheon and saw we needed help. He willingly jumped in to serve and refused to eat until everyone else was served. He has a servant’s heart.” JoAnn Wilkey, Sr. Adult Leader
  • “From the first time I met Daniel in an intern interview, he demonstrated a strong work ethic and exceptional organizational skills. The entire year he served as an intern, Daniel went above and beyond our expectations for him. He not only sees the task that must be completed, but he understands the ministry element that drives the task.” Joy Emery, Ministry Coordinator
  • From the beginning, Daniel has been such an awesome asset. I once asked him if there was anything he couldn’t do?!?! He never ceases to amaze us with his many talents. We are blessed in a major way to have him as a part of our ministry team!! Jacki Lovegrove, Music Ministry Praise Team

Join us in welcoming Daniel Gibson to our Rocky Creek team.