Things We Learned at D-Now 2019

Things We Learned at D-Now 2019

This year’s theme for our Student D-Now (Disciple Now) was “GROW.” Travis Agnew and Bryce Staggs taught us several things about growing in our faith as Christians. Please see the headings below for the topics that were covered over our weekend. Continue to pray for the students and leaders that we will grow in our walk with Christ.

What is your purpose

As Christians, our main purpose is to glorify God, and pursue godliness. Our purpose defines our actions, and therefore, if our purpose is these two things then we waste time and energy pursuing anything else. The glory of pursuing godliness is that according to 1 Timothy 4:8 this pursuit does not only benefit us for a short time, but rather it is of eternal benefit. In order to pursue our mission, we must rid ourselves of things that keep us from pursuing godliness.


In John 15, Jesus taught the power of praying according to God’s Word.  As we abide with Christ, and His Word abides in us, we know that whatever we pray for will be given to us because we pray according to the will of God.  If our prayer lives are boring, the fault is not in the recipient or the content, but the problem lies with the method.  We need to liven up our prayer strategies.

Bible Study

Bible study is important in the life of all believers, yet many believers stay away from it. We often struggle to study the Bible because we find it boring or difficult to understand. However, we should study the Bible carefully, confidently, and consistently. Carefully, we should take our time to understand the Word, not just check it off of our list. Confidently, because as believers we have the Holy Spirit illuminating the Truth of the Scripture to us. Consistently, the more consistently we study the Word of God, the more we grow in godliness and the better we get at Bible study. We must study the Bible because it is God’s Word to us.

Commit to Growth

In order to grow in godliness, we must commit to growing. Committing to one pursuit, often means losing another pursuit. Paul lays this out to us in 2 Timothy. Paul tells Timothy to flee youthful passions, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace. We are to pursue those things with those who also call on the Lord from a pure heart. These pursuits are outlined below.

Righteousness – to strive in attitude and action

Faith- a sincere confidence in God

Love – A growing affection for others

Peace-  fellowship and harmony with other believers

From a pure heart – With other believers