Three Students Serving This Summer

Three Students Serving This Summer

This summer we have three students who are connected with RC, as members or as interns, who are going to be serving nationally and internationally. Our church family has an opportunity to help support them in this work.

Your contribution can help RC raise the $5000 needed to help send these three missionaries out.

$5,000 is needed for the three students. All three of these students are working on their own to raise funds and each one has already raised (or plans to raise) over half of what they need.  Rocky Creek can help partner with these students to help impact the Lostness of the world.  Contributions can be made to Rocky Creek and mark on the check or the envelope “Student Missionaries”.  The funds will be divided between the three students.  Any funds donated beyond what is needed by these students will go into the RC Global Offering to be used to help support some of our Mission Partners like the ones you will be reading about and praying for within this Newsletter.  Funds need to be turned in to the church no later than April 30.

Your contribution can help impact the Lostness as you invest in these students.

You can also give online on the RC website.  When you log into the eGive site, you can choose to give to “Mission Offering”, and then designate “Student Missionaries”.  This online giving will be available until April 30.


Two of these students, young men who have both have a heart for sharing God’s Word among Muslim people, will be serving in the North Africa Middle East region during the summer.  They will be in different countries but both of them will be working to build relationships with the local people and then share with them about the Hope they have in Jesus Christ.  Both of these young men plan to continue serving God after graduation as Journeymen Missionaries. Because of security concerns for the work and the workers in those areas, we are not sharing their names or pictures here.

The other student, Libby Smith, will be serving with UW Sports Ministry. She will be helping with sports ministries in Maryland, Florida, West Virginia, and North Carolina before going to Haiti to serve there.  Her passion for missions is leading her to continue to seek to serve God on the mission field after she graduates.

Your contribution will do more than just send students on a summer mission trip, but will help to prepare them for a lifetime of mission service.