Storehouse Student Resources- The Vine (John 15:1-8)

Storehouse Student Resources- The Vine (John 15:1-8)

Storehouse Student Resources is a post about what students learned on  Wednesday nights during our gathering in the Storehouse. The main goal is to better equip our students to be bold witnesses for Christ.

 The main goal is to better equip our students to be bold witnesses for Christ.

Shaun Forrester took some time to teach us one of his topics he will be leading at SummerSalt this summer.  He will be serving as a camp counselor and teaching students about John 15:1-8. His concluding challenge is to abide in Christ so that we as believers can grow and bear fruit. The following points are from his teaching lesson.


Do It For The Vine
John 15:1-8
Jesus is the vine. God is the vinedresser.

To best understand, a Vinedresser is not just a farmer. The vines that grow could remain for a long time, so he gets to know each vine on a personal level you could say. Therefore, he knows which branches he needs to prune and which he needs to cut off. In order to grow, it is important to abide in the vine. In a Christian sense, abiding means that believers are abiding in Christ and being obedient to His teachings.

It is important to note the phrase from John’s gospel, “Abide in me and I in you” which is repeated in this passage. The author uses to emphasis the point of the passage and it’s seen all through Scripture.

Bearing Fruit

A already noted, it is important to abide in the Vine  in order to grow. As believers, we are to bear godly fruit. Bearing fruit is a sign that growth is taking place. If we do not  bear fruit, the branch can wither and die.

John 13:9-11

V.3. Jesus in these passages is talking to his disciples.  So, this passage relates to believers. For the ones who are saved and are now abiding in the vine.

V.4-6 We cannot bear fruit on our own. It is by the grace of God and his Son Jesus Christ that we can bear fruit.

 John 15:16
If we do not abide in Him, we are useless like a dead branch

We did not choose Him. He chose us. We could not do any of this on our own. If it was up to us we would choose the world and sin. But thanks to God pursing us, convicting us, and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus, we are given the gift of salvation. Due to that we will be able to bear fruit.

John 15:7-8

 When we abide in Him we can seek Him and ask Him to provide for us.

V.7 He does provide for our physical needs, more so He provides for our spiritual needs. It is impossible for us sinners to be perfect after we receive the gift of salvation. We are going to struggle at times. However, we will bear fruit during the different seasons in our lives. But if we ask God during those times to help us bear fruit he will gladly answer and give it to us generously.

V.8 The father is glorified if we do what Jesus just commanded us to. We prove to be his disciples when we seek to honor Him.

Growth in the Vine

One of the best ways to grow in Him is to have others around you that are also abiding in Him. God uses relationships to help build community within the church. One author puts it, “Show me your friends and ill show you your future.” If you are not surrounding yourself with people who are also bearing fruit, discipleship will be tough and could stump your growth in Christ. Furthermore, the principle holds true, if you are surrounded by “dead branches,” you  will eventually end up a dead branch. Christian community and the church are a necessity to growth in Christ. It is the means by which God uses to help grow us in our faith and maturity in Christ.

Treasuring Christ

“Jesus Be Treasured”- if you are treasuring Jesus he will provide for your needs that only He can meet. Treasuring Christ also means resting in Him and finding all sufficiency in Him (Mark 2:23-28). We don’t treasure Him for the things He gives, but because of Who He is. Some wise words given are: “Treasure the Giver more than the gift.”


How are you growing in Christ and serving the church?

Are you bearing godly fruit?

Above all, are you treasuring Christ?