Bible Reading Plan for Week of April 14

Bible Reading Plan for Week of April 14

Our journey through 2 Samuel, the Psalms, and 1 Chronicles continues this week.  Read what occurred in the past and discover truth that you can apply in the present.  Although we are separated from the events described by thousands of years, they are still relevant to us today and can have a huge impact on our lives.  Read with the purpose of knowing God more through His Word.  On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll focus on the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups and the Sunday sermon.  Please consider the questions below regarding the Scriptures for our Gospel Groups

  • Sunday, April 14 – Mark 15:21-41
  • Monday, April 15  – Psalms 105, 132
  • Tuesday, April 16 – 2 Samuel 6-7; 1 Chronicles 17
  • Wednesday, April 17 – Psalms 25, 29
  • Thursday, April 18 – Psalms 33, 36, 39
  • Friday, April 19 – 2 Samuel 8-9; 1 Chronicles 18
  • Saturday, April 20 – Matthew 28:1-10

What do you think the two Mary’s were feeling as they approached the tomb of Jesus?

What emotions do you think you might feel if you are the women?

What does the angel tell the women?

What is the significance of women receiving the message that Jesus is alive and they are to tell others?

What would have been the results if Jesus remained in the tomb?          

What is the ladies’ response to what they have seen and heard?

When the ladies see Jesus how do they respond?

What message does Jesus want to communicate through the ladies?

How do you respond to the empty tomb? (truth or fabricated story)

What difference does the resurrection make in the way you live?

  • Sunday, April 21 – Mark 16:1-8

We will make posts on our website and app on Sunday mornings that outline the Bible reading plan for the rest of the week.  Or you can view the entire Bible Reading Plan (March 2019 – May 2019)

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