Piedmont Women’s Center Baby Bottles

Piedmont Women’s Center Baby Bottles

On Mothers Day morning, many of our church family picked up an empty PWC Baby Bottle.  The idea is to take the bottle home, fill it with cash, or checks to support the ultra-sound ministry of Piedmont Women’s Center.  Women come to the Piedmont Women’s Center and are given a free Ultrasound to be able to see their pre-born baby.  Some women who are intent on abortion are convinced by the ultrasound that their baby is truly a living baby and decide to give life to that child.  Some women even give their own lives to Christ after witnessing God’s creative majesty inside their womb.

If you were to fill a bottle with all pennies, you could get exactly $5.00 in one of these PWC Baby Bottles.  

If you were to stuff it full of all Quarters, you could get $66.50 in there.  

If you rolled up dollar bills, you could get a whole lot more in that bottle.

OR… you could write a check for what ever amount God has laid on your heart to give.  Make that check out to Piedmont Women’s Center and turn in the bottle on May 26 during one of the Morning Worship Services.

If you didn’t pick up a bottle, you can always mail your check for PWC to PO Box 26866, Greenville SC 29616.  You could also go to Piedmontwomenscenter.org/donate and donate online.  For more information about how the funds are used or how you could donate, call the PWC Administrative Office at (864) 244-1434.

PO Box 26866, Greenville SC 29616.  
(864) 244-1434