Summer Mission Opportunities

Summer Mission Opportunities

Summer Serving Opportunities For Our RC Family

Here is a list of opportunities for you to get involved this summer in serving and carrying Christ’s name beyond our church walls.  As other dates and opportunities become available, we will share those on the website as well.


Miracle Hill In Motion:
June 1
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM

The annual Miracle Hill In Motion day with the Kids Ninja Warrior event and the Cycling Challenge will be held on Saturday, June 1.  Rocky Creek will get to assist in this day by manning the “Rest Area #3”, at Rocky Hill Baptist Church in the mountains of North Carolina, just north of Caesar’s head (just over an hour’s drive from RC). We will be handing out water bottles and snacks, and cheering on the riders. Volunteers must be on site at the rest area no later than 7:30 AM to set up and be prepared for the riders.  The rest area is estimated to be active from about 8:00 AM until about 9:00 AM (until the last rider comes by).  Then we can break down all of the equipment, take it to the Children’s Home and enjoy some of the activities going on there.  This would be a great event for families to participate in. We need a team of at least 4 people for this.

Miracle Hill In Motion – Cycling Challenge Rest Area

David’s Table Summer Cook out
June 3
4:30 – 7:30 PM

Come join the kids and buddies of David’s Table at The Barn, 3166 Scuffletown Road for a cookout. This is a great opportunity to love on some wonderfully special kids as they prepare for the summer.  Volunteers can help cook the hamburgers, serve the food, and this would be a great opportunity for a patient Fisher Person to help kids fish in the stocked pond. We need a team of 3 people to help with this.

David’s Table Summer Cook Out

David’s Table, Thursday Tennis with Kids
Every Thursday, weather permitting
10 AM Tennis, 11 AM Lunch

When the weather allows, you can join some of the kids from David’s Table at the Cleveland Park Tennis Courts and possibly even go to lunch at the Haywood Mall Food Court.  You do NOT have to know how to play tennis, but sometimes it is just as simple as tossing a ball into someone’s racket. The kids play every Thursday unless it is raining or if the high temperature is supposed to reach 97 degrees.  Contact Skeeter Powell for more information, 864-915-2479.

Habitat for Humanity:
June 7

Ruben and Renee Alvarez have been accepted by Habitat for Humanity for a new house.  Rocky Creek can contribute up to 65 hours of “sweat equity” hours by going and serving at one of the construction sites.  There are a number of opportunities to serve, but as a church family we will try to focus on raising a team of 10 people to help serve on June 7.  Volunteers need to also go to the Habitat website, view the safety video, download and fill out the waiver.  There are other details on the Habitat site to help you prepare.

Habitat for Humanity – Team Alvarez

How to Minister to Hispanic People
June 9
6:00 PM

The RC Hispanic members, along with Pastor Ernesto Chaparro, will be sharing in the Equip class this evening about ministering to the Hispanic population in Greenville.  You will even get to learn a few phrases in Spanish.

Feed at Cottage at Miracle Hill Children’s Home
June 10 – Girls
July 8 – Boys
August 8 – Girls
5:30 – 7:00 PM

Rocky Creek can help encourage the children AND the house parents at several of the cottages at Miracle Hill Children’s Home (117 Drummond Lane, Pickens SC 29671) by preparing and delivering a nice meal and serving it to the cottage residents. Because of activities going on during the day, it is best to take a fully prepared meal to the cottage by 5:30 PM, then serve it, and have a chance to interact with the children during the meal. The cottages we will be able to bless through this will be the older teens.  By supplying their meal, we will also save the house parents the allotted money they would have spent on food, and they can use that for a special treat for the children later.  This would be an event that a family could participate together with their children. We need a team of at least 4 people to serve each of these cottages of about 12 people.  The link below is for the June 10 date, if you want to sign up for July or August, go to the event calendar at the top of this page.

Feed a Cottage at Miracle Hill Children’s Home

MFuge Kids’ Clubs in Local Apartments
Each week in June and July,
Tuesday – Friday (except June 30-July 2) from 1:00 – 3:00 PM

MFuge is a national Christian camp for students so they can experience a summer camp and mission trip all in one week.  Students will be staying at North Greenville University and a team each week will be leading Kids’ Clubs at apartment communities in our area. Indian Upstate Fellowship, Rocky Creek, and MFuge will partner together for this. Each week we will want one RC Family member to be present at the Kids’ Club to be a local presence at the club, and to help identify any kids whom we may want to follow up with.  Contact to help with this outreach event.

Piedmont Women’s Center, Cleaning the Clinics
June 13, July 25
4:30 PM at Grove Road and also at Greer Center

Both of these wonderful PWC Clinics need to be “deep cleaned” once a month.  On these two dates, Rocky Creek can help by sending some people to go in and clean.  This will include sweep and vacuum, wipe down baseboards and counters, mop the floors, wipe down the furniture.  This helps to keep the facilities clean and welcoming to the clients, and helps to reduce the overhead expenses of the facility.  The clinics have most of the materials needed for the cleaning, but they need helpers.  Since this will be done after the clinic is closed, a family can help and bring young children and allow them to assist as well. We need a team of at least 4 people for each clinic. The link below is for the June 13 date, if you want to sign up for July 25, go to the event calendar at the top of this page.

Piedmont Women’s Center, Cleaning the Clinics

Vacation Bible School at RC
June 17-21
6:30 – 8:30 PM

If you are not already signed up to help serve at VBS, you can use that time to pray for the workers and the children attending our VBS.  The prayer room behind the sanctuary will be open for prayer during this time, and we will supply you with names to pray for.  It would be good to have at least two prayer warriors each evening.

Overcomer Graduation
June 20, July 18, August 15
6:30 PM at the Rescue Mission

Each month several of the men who have attended Rocky Creek over the previous 7 months, gets to stand on the stage at the Rescue Mission and share their testimony about how God has saved, changed, and prepared them.  What a great way to encourage these men, just be being present.  Take your children along and use the time afterwards to talk about how RC has invested in these men.  There is always a fellowship time with snacks after the service.

Perry Correctional Institute, Chaplain’s Assistants Staff Lunch
June 21
12:00 PM 

Chaplain Larry Epps has about 30 inmates working under him to help minister to the nearly 900 inmates housed at Perry.  In order to encourage these assistants and the chaplains, RC will purchase Whoppers and Fries from Burger King but we need some men and women to go, take the food, and sit at lunch with the assistants.  We need at least five people to help with this.

Perry Correctional Institute, Chaplain’s Assistants Staff Lunch

VBS Follow Up
June 26
6:30 PM

Meet at RC and go out to visit or call to touch base with families of children who attended VBS but don’t have a church home they are connected to.  Many families will send their children to VBS even if they themselves are not believers in Christ or active at any church.  This is a great time to reach out and allow these families to know they are cared about.

Perry Correctional Institute, Christian Warriors Lunch
August 7
12:00 PM

Similar to the Chaplain Assistants’ lunch, this is a group of inmates who are loving on God’s Word, and serving within the fences of the prison.  This is open to men or women to go and carry some fast food (which many of these men have not eaten in years), to sit and talk, listen, and pray together. We need at least five people to help with this.

Perry Correctional Institute – Christian Warriors Lunch