Gospel Group Questions for Week of July 21

Gospel Group Questions for Week of July 21

On Sunday, July 21 (and throughout that week if your group meets on a different day), our Gospel Groups will be studying 2 Samuel 11 and Psalm 51.  Below are some questions for you to think about as you read the passage in preparation for your group.  Be in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you from this passage.  Then be ready to share what God is teaching you with your group.

What does it look like when are comfortable and open ourselves up to temptation and sin?

In what ways can sin hold a person captive?

Is it true that sin affects those around the sinner? Can you provide an example?

When confronted with your own sin, are you more likely to downplay the sin or allow yourself to be defined by it?

How will your group be transparent about sin to show God’s goodness to forgive through Jesus?