Janie Chapman Missions Offering – How Your Gift Helps #4

Janie Chapman Missions Offering – How Your Gift Helps #4

One way that our Rocky Creek Family can help participate in Missions is through the Janie Chapman Missions Offering. This special offering in September of every year helps to support mission work in and through South Carolina. There will be a number of web-posts about this offering and each one will try to share a different aspect of how the Janie Chapman Missions Offering is used.  As you read over these, consider how you could participate and give to this important offering.

On Sunday, September 15, RC will collect our offering for Janie Chapman.  Over the past several years, we have given about $2000 each year. Please pray and consider if $2000 is enough for RC to give.


“In many cases we have not been faithful to go to them (internationals), so God has brought them to us – giving us a second chance to reach them for Jesus,” according to Nik Ripken, author of The Insanity of God and The Insanity of Obedience. “Jesus has called us to go locally and globally. It is the height of folly to take Jesus across the oceans while failing to share Him with our neighbors who live just across the street.”

“Western believing families must allow Muslims access to their homes, watching us as we model how believers love and raise their children, love and honor their wives,” explains Ripken. “How many non-believing families have visited your home for a meal this past year? Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists tell us universally that ‘America is the loneliest place they have ever experienced.’ How will you change their perception?”

Funds from the Janie Chapman offering help to provide ministry to refugees coming into SC, as well as ministry in other countries to help reach refugees there.