Gospel Group Questions for Week of October 13

Gospel Group Questions for Week of October 13

On Sunday, October 13 (and throughout that week if your group meets on a different day), our Gospel Groups will be studying 2 Kings 17:6-20.  Below are some questions for you to think about as you read the passage in preparation for your group.  Be in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you from this passage.  Then be ready to share what God is teaching you with your group.

Why did the Assyrians attack Israel and carry people into captivity?

How had God shown His goodness to Israel, as compared with other nations?

Even though God’s people had sinned, what did God do (17:13)?

How did Israel (and even us today) respond?

How does God execute His judgment?

Are you currently living in God’s presence and experiencing His joy?

What does it say about God that He’s willing to discipline you to lead you to repentance?