Counseling Sessions

Counseling Sessions

When life proves to be challenging, sometimes we require godly counsel.

In this Equip course, we will look at some of the most frequent issues that lead to counseling and share some helpful perspectives. Think of these sessions as group counseling as we address some of the most rampant areas in which people struggle.

Through seeking biblical wisdom, you will be able to either address your current situation or help someone else in need.

We will begin on October 13th at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall.

  • 10.13 – Depression: The Bleak Perspective
  • 10.20 – Consequences: The Unfortunate Reality
  • 10.27 – Missions Festival
  • 11.3 – Divorce: The Deceitful Escape
  • 11.10 – Transitions: The Unsure Direction
  • 11.17 – Debt: The Financial Strain
  • 11.24 – Waypoint
  • 12:1 – Unforgiveness: The Lingering Bitterness
  • 12.8 – Stress: The Anxious Disposition