College-Young Adult Gospel Group Starting

College-Young Adult Gospel Group Starting

This coming Sunday, November 10, 2019, we will be starting a new Gospel Group for college age young adults at 10:30AM at Rocky Creek.  The Gospel Group will meet in room 333 each Sunday, beginning this week.

A Gospel Group is a group smaller than a group in a worship service that gathers together for the purpose of discipleship.  At Rocky Creek, we use the term Gospel Groups to refer to groups that gather together to study the gospel, to apply the gospel, and to encourage one another to share the gospel.

Here are some values that we think are important for our Gospel Groups:

  1. AUTHORITY – God’s Word is our guide.
  2. MATURITY – Our leaders and participants are growing.
  3. AUTHENTICITY – It is safe to be real.
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY – We keep each other on the right path.
  5. AVAILABILITY – We are accessible beyond the gathering.
  6. REPRODUCIBILITY – We grow to multiply.
We will be using the Gospel Project curriculum each week to continue studying through the Old Testament and then the New Testament.  Scripture passages and questions for the Gospel Group are posted to the Rocky Creek website and app each week so you can be prepared to discuss truth each Sunday.  Here’s an example.

We understand that some of our college students are away and still in school for a few more weeks, but we encourage you to attend when you are in town.  For those of you in the Greenville area we look forward to seeing you Sunday, November 10 at 10:30AM in room 333.