LMCO – Catching a Vision

LMCO – Catching a Vision

Catching a Vision

Hun Sol has a lot of favorites.  He loves seeing students sent out through the missions programs he runs in South Korea.   He loves seeing them work alongside IMB missionaries to take the hope of Christ to parts of Asia that haven’t heard it yet.

But most of all, he loves seeing students learn to share the gospel for the very first time.  He believes it could change South Korea, and from South Korea, the world.

“About 80 percent of the students who apply have never shared the gospel before,” said Hun, and IMB missionary.  “Before they leave here, we show them how.  Then in their six months on the field, they see how powerful it is.  They realize sharing it is so important.”

Their excitement is contagious – Han gets more and more applications all the time because their friends and family want a taste of what they’ve experienced.  His hope is that students’ passion for the gospel and missions will revive the sleepy South Korean church to take the hope of Jesus to the world.

Pray for Hun as he trains students to go out with the gospel.

Pray for God to use students to share Jesus with hard-to-reach peoples and spur others in South Korea to invest their lives following Christ.

Catching a Vision (Day 4) from IMB on Vimeo.

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