Posts from March 2020

Posts from March 2020

Miracle Hill Donations Needed

Rocky Creek has the opportunity to support the ongoing ministry of Miracle Hill Ministries as they continue to help those in need. This Friday, April 3 we will be taking up donations to deliver to Miracle Hill. We will have a trailer parked at the Preschool Entrance to receive your donations. Here’s what time you can drop off your donations: 9:00AM-12:00PM 5:00PM-7:00PM If you are unable to come by during one of these times, please contact David Williams and we will…

Finding Stability in Unstable Times

What a few days it’s been! Who could have ever imagined that within just a short period of time, our world as we know it would be turned inside out and upside down? This big ship of life we’re cruising on has been hit broadside and it’s being wildly tossed, leaving many of us reeling from the impact. So, what do we do? How do we respond? Where do we look for help? As Christians, we know what the Bible…

Gospel Group Questions for Week of April 5

On Sunday, April 5 (and throughout that week if your group meets on a different day), our Gospel Groups will be studying Matthew 3:1-17.  Below are some questions for you to think about as you read the passage in preparation for your group.  Be in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you from this passage.  Then be ready to share what God is teaching you with your group. How does knowing that a guest is coming to your house change…

Ask Pastor Trav [Episode 2]

Since we can’t gather for Equip tonight, Pastor Trav is answering 5 submitted questions in a 30-minute segment called, “Ask Pastor Trav.” Enjoy! 5 Questions Where did Jesus go after he died? Should we obey the government’s gathering guidelines? Should we treat Easter Sunday differently? What could God be teaching the Church during this time? What could God be teaching your family during this time? Video Audio PodcasT

Servicio Español – 29 de Marzo

Queremos invitarles para que allí donde se encuentren en su casa y en familia podamos junto adorar al Señor durante nuestra transmisión vía online este domingo a las 10:30 de la mañana. Seguimos orando para que todo esto pase pronto y podamos nuevamente reunirnos cuando ya el gobierno nuevamente lo autorice. Es una bendición comunicarnos nuevamente por estos medios. Como todos sabemos aún no es permitido por el gobierno de USA  poder reunirnos en grupos mayores de tres. Seguimos orando…

Bible Reading Plan for Week of March 29

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  (Psalm 119:105)  The Bible is very important as it tells us who God is, what He’s like, and how we should respond to Him.  The Scriptures also give us guidance in order to live a life that is pleasing to Him and worthy of Him.  Allow the passages this week in the Bible Reading Plan to help you draw close to God and give you direction…

Understanding the Book of Matthew (part 2)

The Bible Reading Plan (March – May 2020) has us half way through the book of Matthew.  The video below will give you an overview of the second half of the book, Matthew 14-28.  It will help you better understand the book as we continue with the reading plan.  You can check out other videos about books of the Bible and various biblical topics from The Bible Project at their website.

As We Gather (Online)

As We Gather – Service Order: Welcome/Scripture: Psalm 7:17 ⁃ Who You Say I Am ⁃ 10,000 Reasons Message: Stop Your Whining [Phil. 2:14-18] ⁃ Turn You Eyes Upon Jesus ⁃ Cornerstone Scripture: Psalm 90:16-17 Comments, Closing Prayer, Scripture: Psalm 90:16-17

RC Students – Where Is God During Crises?

Where is God during crises? Many wonder where God is during a crises. Some even ask, “Where is He at?” “Does He know what’s going on?” and “Where is God during a pandemic?” People all over the globe can relate to these types of questions. In fact, just about everyone faces a crises of some type during their life. Chip Ingram writes, “Crises are a part of life. Some are global – tsunamis, earthquakes, or terrorism. Others are local –…

Tips & Tricks to View Sunday’s Online Service

We miss physically meeting together as a church, but we are glad that we are able to offer a way for your family to worship together at home. While we know that watching online is not quite the same as gathering together, we want you to have the best possible experience in joining us online as we navigate through this weird time. So, here are some tips and tricks on the best way to watch Sunday’s service. Right now, we…

The Zoomy Bunch

Our Rocky Creek Church staff is currently having to meet by Zoom due to the COVID-19 (along with almost every other organization in the world). Our screens kinda reminded us of something the other day… #RCtogether

Understanding the Book of Mark

Mark is the second book in the Bible.  It is fast paced with lots of actions.  Several times we see the word “immediately.”  As we read through Mark as a part of the Bible Reading Plan (March – May 2020) these videos from the Bible Project may help you understand the book better. Overview of Mark The Gospel According to Mark May God’s Word come alive in us and spur us to action by serving Jesus.