Daniel Gibson – Media Coordinator

Daniel Gibson – Media Coordinator

Rocky Creek is incredibly blessed to share with you that Daniel Gibson will come on staff full-time as our Media Coordinator starting June 1.

Daniel is officially a graduate of North Greenville University today (congratulate him when you can)! He first served with us as a college intern. We were so impressed with his skill and attitude that we offered him a part-time job while he was completing school. During this time, he has improved so many facets of how we communicate as a church.

As we prayed through the upcoming plans in preparing this year’s budget, the media opportunities were increasing. As a church, our job is to communicate the gospel and that can come in a variety of forms.

Daniel’s ability to help us communicate the most important news in the world is extremely valuable at this time.

It is very difficult to find such a rare combination of skills that Daniel brings to our church. Many talented artistic types struggle in being able to be timely, organized, and personable. Daniel excels in all of those areas. He is a joy to work with, and he is making everything we are doing at the church better.

When we prepared the budget last year and went through the process of bringing him on fulltime, we had no idea the challenges that this year would face. If anything, the current challenges we are facing as a church during quarantined times reveals even greater the need we have for such a position. The level of quality we have experienced in our online worship services, churchwide communication, and gathering environments is greatly due to Daniel’s skills and efforts.

Daniel has excelled on a part-time basis, I cannot wait to see all that God does through him fulltime.

Daniel’s Bio

Daniel is an Elementary Education graduate from North Greenville University. His passion for media developed when he began serving on the tech team at his home church. Daniel will serve alongside Donald and hopes to use media to glorify God, point others to Christ, and enhance the mission of the Church. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing violin and piano, bowling, and a good cup of coffee.