Missions Prayer Requests

Missions Prayer Requests

May Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 3
May 18
This week you get to intercede for local and international Mission Partners.

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Rebecca C. – Teacher at International School in Central Asia – ra.carino@gmail.com
  • During Ramadan people are very open to spiritual conversations & this current crisis makes this even more true.  Pray God would give people creativity to bridge the distance & share the hope of Christ.
  • Pray I will be able to encourage & love on my students even though we cannot be together. We are still waiting to hear how much longer schools may be closed.  Since no one under 20 is allowed to leave their apartment, many students are very anxious.
  • Pray for our school as we seek to fill vacant staff positions for next year, especially our school director position.
Important Dates:
  • May 23 is the end of Ramadan, the month long fast observed by Muslims.
God Story:
  • Ramadan began on April 24. In April, we began having weekend lockdowns where no one is allowed to leave their apartments from midnight on Friday till midnight on Sunday.  When Ramadan started we “celebrated” with a 4 day lockdown with one notable difference than our normal 2 day lockdowns – we were allowed to leave our apartment in the evening to walk to the nearest bakery to buy Ramadan bread. Every evening near sundown the mosques announce the end of the day’s fast over their loudspeakers and entire families gather to break the fast together – a meal always served with Ramadan bread! They’re big fans of their bread over here and I have to admit, eating a warm from the brick oven loaf with butter slathered on top is delicious! It just still makes me chuckle that “going to buy bread” is on the list under “going to the hospital” as the only legitimate reasons for a person to be outside.

Ernesto Chaparro – Rocky Creek Hispanic Church, Greenville SC – miel2007@hotmail.com
  • We have been able to have “Drive In” worship services for the past several Sundays.  It has been very good for our people to get to see each other, to worship together, and to give to God’s work.
  • Pablo (Marcella’s brother), Vilma and Diego need a place to live and for God’s direction for work as they move to SC.
  • Cesar and Patricia, and their children Santiago and Valentina, need a place to live.
  • Marcella is having medical problems and not being able to work is not helping that.
  • Praise God, Yvette, Ernesto’s daughter, has recovered from COVID-19.

Kristi Giddens – Joyful Ornaments, Greenville, SC – kristigiddens@lctllc.com
  • Little did we know when we choose Prayer as our Joyful Word for this year, that we would be on our knees for so many needs.
  • We can’t meet in person so we meet each Saturday on Zoom to pray & send out prayer reminders 3 times a week.
  • Our painters keep on working as we know our God will faithfully provide for the needs of our ministry and the future recipients He has chosen for us.
Chuck Mayo – Heritage Baptist Church, Greenville, SC – chuckmayo@icloud.com
  • About 20% of our Sunday worshippers come from non-faith based recovery people.  The lockdown & isolation has taken a toll, leading several to relapse.
  • Prior to this we had been growing in numbers and spiritual maturity, including 4 adult baptisms recently.
God Story:
  • One of our interns, Ridge, is struggling through this COVID-19 Isolation.  He is in a real wrestling match over his calling.  For him the isolation has been a good time of reflection on character.  The Holy Spirit is refining him for the very thing he is feeling unworthy of.