June Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 3

June Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 3

June Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 3
June 22, 2020
Join the RC Family in praying for these.

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Ernesto Chaparro – Rocky Creek Hispanic Church, Greenville SC – miel2007@hotmail.com
• Praise God for the 9 people baptized as church members this month. We celebrate this victory together as one church.
• Please pray for the Romero family as they start the immigration process.
• For our 2 Gospel Groups for couples.
• For Brittany Padilla serving with our youth.

Greg Queen – IMB Church Mobilizer – GQueen@imb.org
• Pray for direction and wisdom in how to best serve our SBC churches in these days.
• Praise God for the generosity and faithfulness of Southern Baptists. IMB celebrates 175 years in 2020.
God Story:
• IMB Workers write: “With funding from Send Relief, we have given away 60 bags of food to a church in need whose members were starving. The church shared the gospel, & one woman from a Muslim family came to faith. Pray that the church will find ways to disciple her even amid the pandemic. We are also continuing to meet and train and pray with our local partners through online videoconferencing to encourage each other and build each other up. Give thanks to the Lord for this means of staying connected with each other.”

Suresh Jonnalagadda – Indian Upstate Fellowship, Greenville, SC – sureshjonna1957@gmail.com
• We thank the Lord for keeping all of the members of IUF safe from COVID-19.
• We praise and thank the Lord for enabling us to fellowship and encourage one another through Zoom in spite of the pandemic.
• Kindly pray for the health of Sister Avis.
• Pray for comfort for Joseph (IUF Elder) and his family in the passing of his father.
• Pray for Pastor Suresh and his wife Suseela’s job situation, they are unemployed because of COVID-19 and struggling financially.

Berkeley Bagwell Gomez – Campus Outreach, San Diego – bgomez@cosandiego.org
• Pray for Avery, Savannah and Cara who will be living in San Diego next year and are considering volunteering with our ministry.
• For us as we seek to intentionally integrate racial reconciliation conversations & training into the discipleship of our students.
• Pray for health of baby Gomez and for smooth labor and delivery in late July.
Important Dates:
• June 22 – Aug 2 – Virtual Leadership Project
God Story:
• Starting June 4, a few of our female student leaders are starting a virtual summer Bible study for all the girls in our ministry. They will be studying through the list of faithful saints listed in Hebrews 11 and how each of those people ultimately point us to Jesus. Praise the Lord for students who take the initiative to lead spiritually in the lives of others! We are also doing a 5-week online leadership training program later this summer. We are hoping 40-50 students attend. It will be 4 days a week, 2 hours each day, and will focus on training our students to study the Bible, share their faith, and live in Christian community. We are hoping that since it is conveniently online, more students will be able to attend than have in past summers!