June Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 4

June Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 4

June Missions Prayer Newsletter – Part 4
June 29, 2020
Join the RC Family in praying for these.

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Lierte Soares Junior – New England Triad – liertesoares@icloud.com
• For both of our communities due to the financial impact on them and the fear that is over all of New England.
• For leadership in both churches.
• Pray for my family and me. This has been a very challenging season of ministry.
God Story:
• Since people in Vermont love the outdoors and the government will only allow 25% occupancy, we decided to hold our worship services in the woods behind our church building. Our leaders did a great job to prepare the location and set everything up. Even though people in Vermont are overly fearful of the virus, we had 60% of our church family show up for worship, including some visitors. We were extremely pleased and blessed to have so many who were willing to attend. This is a fruit of prayers.

Pastor Honorato Paguay – Director of Missions for M.E.M in Ecuador – Honoratop@yahoo.com
• Rocky Creek has had to cancel both mission trips to Ecuador because of COVID-19.
• Cuenca, a nearby city, is slowly starting to open up even though they are still getting new cases daily. While people are now allowed out of their homes for 6 hours a day and can drive 3 days a week, they still cannot travel freely within the city and cannot leave the city. Please continue to pray for Ecuador.

Skeeter Powell – David’s Table, Greenville, SC – skeeter.powell@gmail.com
• For the health of our leaders and friends. Many of our friends are fragile health-wise.
• As we Plot, Plan and Pray for summer events.
• We are considering whether we can hold a home day camp for our friends this August.
Weekly ZOOM Events:
• Mondays: Fret Not Ukers and Bible Study
• Thursdays: Lunch at the Mall and Art Class
• Saturday: Pancakes
God Story:
• Clay was a vibrant teenager who gave his life to Christ at Windy Gap during summer camp. At 17 he contracted a rare disease (he is the only person in SC who has it). He went from being an active kid to being unable to speak, eat, sit up, etc. He is now in a power wheelchair and is fed through a feeding tube. He communicates through a letter board and iPad. We met him on his 30th birthday when one of our leaders invited us to his birthday parade. Since then Clay has been joining some of our Zoom events and even went on a birthday parade for another of our friends. This message is the best part of the story – so far.
     Clay: Hey Skeeter, That was fun. Bible Study is the highlight of my week.
     Skeeter: Mine too, thanks for joining us.
     Clay: lol, I’d crawl on my hands and knees across burning coals to make it to the Bible Study.
We have a lot to learn from Clay!

Chuck Mayo – Heritage Baptist Church, Greenville, SC – chuckmayo@icloud.com
God Story:
• We have begun meeting in the building again. One advantage of being a small church in a big building is we have space for social distancing. We have restarted our Sunday School, and we have even been able to grow our mid-week discipleship groups. We have a group that meets on Mondays to teach leadership, hermeneutics, and preaching/teaching primarily to international students who will be taking these skills to their home countries.